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PLUS: Adobe is bringing SORA to Premiere Pro!

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Sam Altman invests in so many AI companies that we're pretty sure his portfolio rivals Hermione Granger's beaded bag.

Today, we're diving into two of those investments. Both are valued at over $500M and have been buzzing in the media. However, one is in crisis mode, while the other is basking in Silicon Valley's love. Let's dig in!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Humane’s Ai Pin is getting horrendous reviews.

  • Rewind rebranded to Limitless and launched a wearable that tracks everything you've seen, said, or heard!

  • Adobe unveiled new AI tools for video editing.

  • There’s a fresh open-source model that’s on par with GPT-4 (from March).

AI gadgets hit headlines, for better AND worse…

Ever heard the phrase “all press is good press”? We mostly agree unless the press is really, really bad press.

Remember Humane, the AI startup that promised to kill the iPhone with a clip-on pin that knows everything about you?

The one TechCrunch wrote a gazillion hype-y pieces about?

The one we said “we won’t be buying” and should “literally just be iPhone/Apple Watch features”?

Yeahhhh, it’s not doing so hot since it started shipping last week:

  • The Verge: “Humane AI Pin review: not even close.”

  • Wired: “This wearable, touch-activated “second brain” is too bare-bones and not all that useful.”

  • Engadget: “The Humane AI Pin is the solution to none of technology's problems.”

Perhaps most damaging of all, the world’s most famous tech reviewer Marques Brownlee dubbed it “The Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed.

Hate to say we told you so...

But it’s not all doom and gloom in the world of AI gadgets.

Remember Rewind, that AI startup that could retrieve anything previously displayed on your computer screen?

They’re back with a new name—Limitless—and a $99 wearable pendant that remembers everything you’ve said throughout the day, so you can revisit old things you heard or said, like:

  • What did my doctor say about avoiding certain foods?

  • What did I remind myself to buy this morning?

  • What were the key points from our all-hands meeting two weeks ago?


  • Limitless keeps all of your secrets encrypted (super private) and lights up when it’s in recording mode.

  • If you’re not about that Black Mirror-esque life, you can use Limitless’s web, Mac, or Windows app to forget forgetting forever (try saying that quickly five times!).

The demo looks promising and seems to genuinely solve real pain points like jotting notes down during meetings. We’ll personally be ordering a pendant to try it out ourselves!


Generative AI meets data privacy: Run models in your environment with OctoAI.

Data is king for any company that wants to build powerful generative AI applications. 

If your company doesn’t know how to…

  • Maximize your data. 

  • Protect your data.

  • Use it efficiently with the latest models.

They’ll show you how to take control of your data and AI applications, all from within your own infrastructure, using OctoStack, OctoML’s robust new AI stack. 

Register for the live event here and prepare for an interactive Q&A on OctoAI’s SaaS APIs or OctoStack for self-hosted solutions. See ya there!

Adobe’s upcoming AI tools might let you do amazing things with videos.

Adobe is THE go-to platform for AI-powered image creation and editing for large corporations (because it's commercially safe). Next on the agenda: video.

Yesterday, Adobe announced new AI features coming to Premiere Pro that’ll make it easier to edit and customize videos.

Features include:

  • adding frames to make a video longer.

  • removing and adding objects from a video (just by describing what you want!).

Most importantly, Adobe will give companies access to the latest-greatest video generation models—Sora, Runway, and Pika.

They are also developing their own text-to-video model for Premiere Pro. TBD on when/what this looks like.

Zooming out: Adobe consistently markets itself as the platform where creative customers don’t need to worry about using AI that might’ve been trained on stolen work. It’s a “we’ve got you covered if anything goes wrong” type of assurance.

However, it is worth mentioning that, according to Bloomberg, Adobe’s Firefly image model was partially trained on AI images from Midjourney, which was partially trained on scraped images from the internet…

P.S. Adobe also announced a tool named “Acrobat” that can summarize and answer questions about documents with citations for $4.99/month:

Around the Horn.

Treats To Try.

  1. *Unify is an AI-powered tool that helps companies close 25% more deals by knowing when to engage your prospects, automating 1:1 personalized emails, and finding leads from 120M+ contacts. Try Unify today!

  2. WizardLM-2 by Microsoft is the new best open-source model! It was built on top of Mixtral 8×22B and rivals GPT-4’s performance from March. (It’s since been deleted and it’s unclear why!)

  3. Reka AI released Core, a new multimodal AI model proficient in processing images, audio, and VIDEOS.

  4. EverArt lets companies generate AI images that align with their branding, products, and styles.

  5. Poe launched a new feature that lets you chat with multiple chatbots in a single thread.

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