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PLUS: an AI image tool that can do *words*!!!

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Tyler Perry delayed an $800M studio expansion due to Sora.

  • AI will result in more video content but also raise the standards for quality.

  • Ideogram, a text-to-image startup, raised $80M.

  • OpenAI is trying to get The NYT’s lawsuit dropped.

Sora is reshaping the future of video in significant ways.

Holy sh*t.

That was the reaction of our film-buff-friends when we showed them Sora, OpenAI’s groundbreaking AI that generates edited videos on the fly (see our pt. 1 & pt. 2).

If you haven’t seen what Sora can do yet, take a moment to browse OpenAI’s TikTok—you’ll be shocked:

Holy sh*t was also the reaction of actor/filmmaker Tyler Perry, who postponed an $800M expansion of his Atlanta studio “because of Sora.”

“I no longer would have to travel to locations. If I wanted to be in the snow in Colorado, it’s text…If I wanted to have two people in the living room in the mountains, I don’t have to build a set in the mountains…I just used AI in two films that are going to be announced soon. That kept me out of makeup for hours…”

Tyler Perry

Now, no one (but threadbois) is saying that Sora’s will replace Hollywood/Mr. Beast overnight—the AI-generated videos are still recognizable as such.

But the real hype around “AI video” isn’t just about generating a visibly artificial 24-second clip of Will Smith eating wet spaghetti.

It’s about new AI tools being capable of performing video creation tasks that humans do…but much faster and simpler.

Check out YouTuber “Kwebbelkop” with 15.3M subscribers who uses AI in his videos, or a director who produced an entire short film using AI tools like RunwayML, Pika, ElevenLabs, and HeyGen:

Why it matters: What all this is trending towards is a significantly lower barrier for producing video content, from scriptwriting to filming to editing.

This means two things:

  1. Anyone can generate video content and do so in much greater volumes. Even those of us without production experience can create TikToks/Shorts/Reels by simply describing our vision.

  2. An increase in content → higher standards for what’s considered “excellent.” The best creatives who use leverage AI to enhance their films will thrive, not be replaced.

“The next media revolution won’t be televised—it will be prompted.” — Andrew A. Rosen.


Deploy the latest AI models with OctoAI.

Here’s one thing every developer building with AI should know:

OctoML is the easiest and cheapest place to test, optimize, and scale the newest AI models that hit the market. 

And by “newest,” we literally mean the absolute cutting-edge models being launched weekly these days—case in point: you can already deploy Google’s Gemma-7B on OctoML with a single API call. 

Quickly productionizing models is ‘do or die’ for businesses.

Our advice? Do it. 

Finally, an image generator that nails words perfectly.

The best AI image platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E 3 have always sucked with text accuracy.

Instead of producing "The Neuron Daily," images would display "Tme Nueaorno Daielf."

This made AI images useless for presentations, ads, memes, and logos.

Ideogram is an AI image generator that gets words right, and it just snagged $80M in funding to compete with Midjourney. Here's our first creation:

They just opened up access—try it for crafting taglines, phrases, and ad copy for your company!

Around the Horn.

we promise this video will make you laugh

  • Adobe released a new AI music tool that lets people customize tunes via text prompts.

  • Meta is planning to launch Llama 3 in July.

  • More media outlets, including Raw Story, Alternet, and The Intercept, are taking OpenAI to court over copyright issues.

  • Meanwhile, OpenAI is attempting to have The NYT's lawsuit thrown out.

  • Apple is scapping its electric car project and moving staff to focus on AI; Plus it doesn’t want to disclose to investors what AI stuff it’s working on.

Thursday Trivia.

Cats and dogs have pretty darn good lives: Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. It’s like being a kid for eternity.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one of these cartoons is DALL-E 3-generated, and the other is from a cartoonist.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary.

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