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There’s this noticeable trend among AI pioneers sounding the alarm about the very AI they developed. They’re sounding like, “We created this super-duper powerful thing, and now it might destroy the world!”

We don’t buy it. It's like every parent boasting their child is the world's greatest miracle. Like, chill, Tommy isn’t that special…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Humane’s Ai Pin has arrived!

  • OpenAI actually open-sourced Whisper-V3 & a diffusion model at DevDay.

  • OpenAI launched Data Partnerships for creating new datasets with organizations.

  • GitLab announced a new pair programmer that you can chat with.

Our honest take on Humane’s AiPin:

After months of hyped up TechCrunch buzz and $230M in funding from VCs like Sam Altman—all with zero product to show for—the so-called “iPhone Killer” is finally here.

It’s, well, hard to describe. *checks notes*

Humane’s AiPin is a AI-powered pin that clips onto your clothing. It’s like a really powerful Apple Watch, except there’s no screen, and that’s by design.

Instead of scrolling/typing, you simply tap the pin and talk. Here’s a show-don’t-tell to simply things a bit:

  • “Check where Tim wanted to go for dinner and make a reservation.”

  • “Catch me up on all the emails I missed from [boss] today.”

  • "When I talk in English, translate to Spanish so this person on the street can understand me.”

That last feature is actually insane—no more struggling while travelling aborad!

It connects to all your apps like Gmail through the Cloud and carries cameras that snap photos and record your surrounding (with a light for privacy’s sake).

TLDR: It’s a screenless AI that searches and executes tasks for you—texts, weather, photos—you name it.

That’s all for $699, $24/month for a phone number and cellular, and 10 weird stares every time you enter any room, of course.

Here’s our take: We’re bullish on Humane’s vision, but we’re gonna skip on AiPin.

Yes, the future of devices is AI-first. And yes, rather than staring at or fiddling with an iPhone, you'll likely just direct an AI assistant through voice, biosensors, and eye-tracking, like Apple’s new Vision Pro.

But no, we won’t be buying this product (for now):

  1. First, everything they’re building should literally just be iPhone/Apple Watch features…and probably will be. plus, the youngins’ need their screens for TikTok!

  2. AiPin feels like too many behavior changes: pinching gestures, holding up hands, projecting text onto palms, etc.

  3. The launch video just didn’t give Steve Jobs-energy—we were left with more questions than answers.

Either way, we love that Humane is working to push AI/tech forward—we’re eagerly anticipating what's next!


How this AI startup got 1,000 users overnight:

So, there was this cutting-edge, VC-backed AI startup that seemed to have it all, except for one major hiccup:

Absolutely no one was using their product.

Seriously, not even their own mothers.

It's not like it was their fault—there are so many AI tools that it’s hard to get stand out these days.

But then they stumbled upon a game-changer that netted them over 1,000 sign-ups in less than 24 hours!

Their secret weapon?

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Around the Horn.

  • GPTs are now available for all ChatGPT+ subscribers (here are 70+ GPTs for writing, education, & programming to get started with!).

  • OpenAI announced Data Partnerships—they're teaming up with organizations to forge new datasets for AI training.

  • Samsung’s Galaxy S24 will include its own AI model, “Gauss”.

  • GPU Survival Toolkit for the AI age: The bare minimum every developer must know.

Treat To Try.

GitLab is a DevSecOps (= Development + Security + Operations) platform.

Translation: it's where companies go to craft software.

They’ve quietly been integrating a slew of AI features to boost developer productivity. Check it!

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This Reddit meme was just too good not to include LOL.

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