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PLUS: Check out what we created with DALL-E 3!

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The world wants to know what we think of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Look, whatever makes T-Swift happy makes us happy.

Worst-case scenario, we get a fire revenge album roasting the Kansas City Chiefs, hilarious memes, and AI-generated remixes that make our playlists even spicier.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Companies are racing to build the “iPhone of the AI era”.

  • DALL-E 3 is now available in Bing.

  • Meta’s new Ray-Ban smart glasses come with AI powers.

  • Walmart is experimenting with AI shopping assistants.

The Future iPhone Will Look Very Different.

Last Friday, we gave a hot take: the iPhone is not the future.

At least not the iPhone 15 you’re addicted to (yes, you). The reason? A lot of what we manually handle today could soon be done 100% by AI.

Like, composing an email might just mean just dictating a brief summary based on previous conversations, while AI drafts the rest in your distinct voice. (vs. typing furiously on your Peleton).

Maybe Apple is sketching this future. IDK. What is certain is that Silicon Valley is not waiting to build the AI hardware device of the future:

  • OpenAI and Jony Ive (designer of the iPhone) are plotting an AI-powered device that could raise up to $1B from SoftBank.

  • Humane, which has raised $230M+, is a wearable pin that “knows you” and serves as your personal concierge (launching 11/9).

  • Meta’s new AI-powered Ray-Ban smart glasses can do things like visual recognition and answer questions.

  • Just yesterday, our friend Avi demoed Tab, a necklace that acts as your go-to creative assistant and knows you like the back of its hand.

Why it matters: AI will completely transform how we interact with tech. But here’s the catch about hardware: it’s HARD.

Microsoft failed. So did Facebook. Even tech unicorns like Essential Products fizzled out (not so essential it seems…). In the end, we’re always left with Apple, Apple, and more Apple.

Steve Jobs 2.0, WYA?!


Have A Great AI Idea? They’ll Help You Build It.

Check out this cutting-edge company that wants to help you build the next “big thing” in AI for just $38/hour…

  • World-class team of ex-Googlers and Harvard grads.

  • Built one of the world's largest DeFi protocols ($180m peak TVL).

  • Founder behind a previous startup that sold for $15 million.

They're not just talking; they know how to build – truly.

Introducing Dentoro, an agency boasting genius engineers that have helped businesses slash up to 70% of their budget on AI projects.

DALL-E 3 Is Rolling Out In Bing (& We Love It).

Made using DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3, OpenAI’s image generator, is rolling out in Bing and Image Creator.

Yup, it’s legit inside of Bing Chat, which means you can generate images → edit them in the same convo (multimodal AI is here, folks).

DALL-E 3 is Midjourney-tier … and it can incorporate text accurately into images. People are making entire comic strips with simple prompts like:

[“A comic strip in which a boy discovers a mysterious egg that hatches into a baby dinosaur”].

Why it matters: This new DALL-E is genuinely useful and not just “woah, that’s cool”. Immediate use cases that come to mind include:

  • custom images that integrate product names and slogans (as seen above).

  • logos and banners with text and typography baked right in.

  • memes and graphics for social media backgrounds.

Try it yourself here and let us know your thoughts!

Around the Horn.

  • Jasper, an early AI success that raised at a $1.5B valuation, is struggling to compete with ChatGPT. Is Midjourney next?

  • Web scraping using ChatGPT - complete guide with examples.

  • Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s C-Consumer-MO, on the company’s AI positioning.

  • Walmart is tinkering with AI-powered shopping assistants.

Treat To Try.

ChatGPT-4’s Code Interpreter is one of those things that’s exceptionally useful if you know how to use it, kinda like a can opener.

Simon Willison links to a great segment where he explains how to use Code Interpreter as a “weird kind of intern.”

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Monday Meme.

A Cat's Commentary.

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