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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI & Jony Ive might raise $1B to build an AI device.

  • 90% of newsrooms use AI in some way to create news.

  • Amazon Bedrock is generally available.

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OpenAI And Jony Ive Might Raise $1B For An AI Device.


So, these two dudes might raise $1B from SoftBank to build the “iPhone of artificial intelligence.” No — it’s not Noah and Pete (bummer).

  1. Sam Altman, cofounder of OpenAI (best software ever).

  2. Jony Ive, designer of the iPhone (best hardware ever).

It’s still “early stage”, and this would technically be an OpenAI venture, but boy-o-boy would this be monumental.

And it got us thinking: Ive helped design the iPhone/Mac/iPad now wants to create something new with AI  so what could this "new" thing be?

Here is what’s coming: The future user interfaces on our devices are set for a major facelift.

Right now, it looks like this: click device unlock swipe select app search tap. But guess what? AI can do all of this for us.

Word on the street is that the next-gen device will be "more natural and intuitive,” or in simpler terms, an all-knowing AI assistant that does the legwork. (Apple's might be moving this way, albeit at a snail’s pace).

Will it be a phone? A headset? TBD……..


Hire Remote AI Experts For 60% Less.

In 2023, if you’ve mused, “hmm, we should probably start using AI”, you’re not alone. 47% of US executives believe Generative AI will boost productivity.

The hiccup? Generative AI is hard, and AI pros are expensive.

Solution: TeamEpic engineers.

They upskill Indian engineers to be top-tier in Generative AI so that they can help in areas like:

  • MLOps proficiency.

  • A+ version control.

  • Prompt engineering (everyone’s darling).

TeamEpic has saved companies an average of $50,000 per AI expert - high quality, low cost!

They’re gifting The Neuron readers a 30-day FREE trial. Get in touch with their team before slots fill up!

These Are The Only Three AI Tools You Need.

You’ve heard it a million times. Like a broken record. You get it.

“Just use AI to do _______.”

It’s jargon that your tech-y friends just love saying. Use AI? How? And for what?

We went digging on HN to uncover how people are actually using AI and how they’re doing it. Here’s the TLDR:

1. Coding (ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, Phind).

  • Writing/debugging/autocompleting code faster.

  • Implementing infrastructure-as-code.

  • Converting code between languages.

  • Auto-generating boilerplate code.

2. Writing (ChatGPT, Claude)

  • Writing emails, letters, marketing copy.

  • Translating text.

  • Outlining written content.

  • Emulating specific writing styles.

3. Searching/Research (Claude, ChatGPT Code Interpreter, GitHub Copilot).

  • Summarizing long documents.

  • Data extraction from documents.

  • Finding code samples and explanations.

  • Explaining concepts/tutorials.

Why it matters: There are a million standalone AI tools. If you’re just starting out, don’t overcomplicate it. Start with the big three: ChatGPT, Claude, and GitHub Copilot (for code).

We'll keep you posted if this changes. Share your own AI use cases in the comments!

Around the Horn.

  • Google announced a tool that lets website publishers safeguard their content from being used to train AI models.

  • Amazon Bedrock (access to foundational models) is now open to all businesses.

  • 90% of newsrooms use AI in some way to produce news, according to a survey.

  • Top startups are advertising in The Neuron ‘cause they get hundreds of new users. Reserve your spot here!

  • The metaverse is real? Meta’s VR avatars got a huge upgrade!

  • Microsoft released a prompt library for anyone working in education.

Intelligent Insights.

We're introducing a new Friday section featuring some of our top reads, perfect for your weekend rabbit holes…

  • Sam Altman Is The Oppenheimer of Our Age (link).

  • Confessions of a Viral AI Writer (link).

  • Reverse engineering the Tesla Optimus robot (link).

  • The Llama Ecosystem: Past, Present, and Future (link).

DM us good finds, and we’ll toss ‘em in here!

Friday Faculty.

  1. 7 business/product/engineering roles @ Mistral AI (hybrid).

  2. 9 open positions at Google @ DeepMind (mostly London).

  3. Senior Software Engineer, Copilot IDE @ Github (remote).

  4. Algorithmic Development intern @ Kneron (San Diego).

  5. 28 technical roles @ AWS Bedrock (WA/CA).

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