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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • rabbit has sold out 50,000 devices in <10 days!

  • ASU is bringing ChatGPT Enterprise to its classrooms.

  • AI-generated content is infecting Google News.

  • Zuck is also trying to build AGI.

rabbit will be a revolutionary product…if it’s real…


That was the day rabbit R1, a new AI pocket device, debuted at CES and sold a whopping 10,000 units in its first 24 hours. By the week's end, 40,000 more were snapped up, racking up around $10M in sales.

The buzz around rabbit on X is off the charts (11M views alone for the launch), and we’re here to cut through the noise like a hot knife through butter.

We’ll admit it: rabbit’s keynote was honestly mind-blowing.

Its main advantage is a "Large Action Model"—think of it as a supercharged remote control managing all your apps, saving you from endless clicking and typing.

  • For example, rabbit R1 can search for and book you a flight in seconds—just give it the word.

  • Or, it could even hunt down the best pizza place nearby and place your order.


And just yesterday, rabbit announced that it will use Perplexity to deliver real-time, precise answers to any questions.

So, an AI doing daily tasks for us 10x faster is most definitely the future of our interactions with hardware devices, Still, our big question remains: will rabbit really be the one to pull it off?

  1. First, we need to see if everything from the demo actually works IRL, and if Google’s recent Gemini launch taught us anything, its that demos don’t always = reality.

  2. Second, shouldn't all this tech eventually just be part of Siri?

  3. And third, do we really expect people to carry around another gadget in their pockets?

*we had almost the exact same reactions to Humane’s Ai pin.*

Our prediction for how all this ends? rabbit gets into people’s hands, it’s cool but not pragmatic, and then Apple swoops in and acquires them for a billy or two.


Marketing is an art, not a science…or at least it used to be.


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RAD AI helps marketers figure out what sticks. 

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ChatGPT is finally welcomed at a university.

In the first of its kind, Arizona State University (ASU) is partnering to integrate ChatGPT Enterprise into its education arsenal for teaching, tutoring, and research applications.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

We've been advocating for a year now that educational systems need to shift their AI strategy. It's time to move from "catching cheaters" to “how can we teach better with AI.”

We're buzzing with excitement to see how ASU will implement AI, especially in its extensive array of online programs.

Side note: Our friends over at the AutomatED newsletter released a nifty GPT that helps educators create course materials.

Around the Horn.

  • More AI-generated spam and content ripoffs are making their way onto Google News.

  • Figure, the humanoid robot startup, will start deploying robots for high-risk tasks at one of BMW’s manufacturing plants.

  • A new nonprofit, “Fairly Trained,” wants to give AI companies certifications for being copyright-compliant.

  • Meta’s AI marketing tools are reportedly boosting ROI by 32%.

Intelligent Insights.

  • She helped OpenAI win over world leaders. Can she keep the peace? (link).

  • Artisans bring AI tools to the workbench (link).

  • Behind OpenAI Meltdown, Valley Heavyweight Reid Hoffman Calmed Microsoft Nerves (link).

  • Is A.I. the Death of I.P.? (link).

  • What happened to Artifact? (link).

Friday Faculty.

The awesome team at TrueUp created a jobs board exclusively for The Neuron, with >10,000 jobs at AI companies in:

  • engineering.

  • marketing.

  • sales.

  • growth.

  • design.

  • & much more!

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