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PLUS: The award for best state in 2024 goes to....

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CES—Consumer Electronics Show—is the annual extravaganza showcasing the latest and greatest in tech gadgets. It’s like the Golden Globes for nerds, except people actually watch it…

Today, we’re sharing our selections for the coolest CES announcements!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • CES was packed with new AI tech gadgets and features.

  • A new AI device, rabbit, is creating buzz on X.

  • Pennsylvania is rolling out ChatGPT Enterprise for its government workforce.

  • Alexa and Character AI are teaming up!

And The Neuron Award for best AI goes to…

The talk of the town this year at CES is AI—specifically, how AI can transform how we interact with tech.

Here are The Neuron’s top picks for this year’s AI innovations @ CES:

Most Visionary Startup: rabbit—a hyped-up $200 gadget that acts as a remote controller for all your smartphone apps, so you can command it to do stuff like “order me DoorDash”. The keynote was awesome, but we wonder if this is simply Siri’s territory.

Most Heart-Warming: ElliQ is a companion robot for the elderly that got some big AI upgrades to make it more conversational.

Cutest Product: Samsung’s Ballie—a bowling ball-looking, chatbot-powered robot that can project content onto walls and (in theory) run around watering your house plants.

What We Always Needed: Volkswagen ChatGPT integration—an in-car voice assistant that can control the car (i.e. turn on the heat/air/lights) and answer general questions. (Mercedes’ AI upgrade is a runner-up).

Best Collab: Alexa & Character AI—Alexa users can soon “talk” with different personas from Character AI, like Socrates or Elon Musk. “Hey Potter, where’s the nearest zoo?”

Something No One Asked For: Perfecta’s $3,500 AI-Controlled Grill that optimizes your steak in 90 seconds (we’re salty about the price tag…).

Hope you enjoyed the show—here's hoping for better reviews than Jo Koy’s Golden Globes stint!


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Pennsylvania is the first state to adopt AI in government.

And the award for best state so far in 2024 goes to…Pennsylvania!

The Governor’s Office is partnering with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT Enterprise, marking it the first state to do so. The goal? To boost efficiency across the board.

Initially, the Office of Administration will leverage ChatGPT for tasks like:

  • making outdated policy language more accessible.

  • drafting job descriptions.

  • addressing duplications in employee policy.

  • generating code.

  • & more.

Why it matters: AI is convincing even the most sluggish of tech adopters (like government and law firms) to pick up new tools. For government, AI can help with a wide range of routine white-collar tasks, especially document-related.

Kudos to Pennsylvania for leading the way and showing that AI can be more than just a bureaucratic punching bag; it can be a powerful asset for improving workforce efficiency and public service delivery!

Around the Horn.

  • A new update from OpenAI shows that ChatGPT can now retain details from past conversations.

  • Why AI could make KYC (know your customer) image authentications obsolete.

  • The EU is seeing whether it can review Microsoft’s $13B investment into OpenAI.

  • Intel announced a novel AI hardware system designed for vehicles.

  • Humane laid off 4% of employees and its founding CTO is leaving.

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. PhotoRoom, an AI photo editing app, raised $50-60M.

  2. Luma, an AI research lab building 3D foundational models, raised $43M.

  3. Parag Agrawal, the former CEO of Twitter, raised $30M for a stealth AI startup.

  4. Robin AI, an AI copilot for creating/talking to contracts, raised $26M.

  5. Nabla, an AI that generates clinical notes for doctors, raised $24M.

  6. Contents.com, an AI content creation tool, raised $18M.

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