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Ann AI deepfake of Taylor Swift promoting Le Creuset Cookware has been making the rounds on Facebook. Frankly, if Taylor Swift told us to buy a “Signature Oval Casserole,” we’d be hard-pressed not to (also, WTF even goes into a casserole, anyway?!).

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI launched its GPT Store, a marketplace for over 3 million GPTs.

  • OpenAI introduced a new ChatGPT plan for smaller teams.

  • Quora secured $75M to bolster Poe, its chatbot platform.

  • Public Citizen wants to investigate if OpenAI should keep non-profit status.

The App Store for ChatGPTs is here.


OpenAI finally launched its GPT Storea hub offering access to over 3 million GPTs, for paid users (#sorrynotsorry).

If you missed pt. 1, pt. 2, and pt. 3 of our GPTs analysis, here’s the TLDR: GPTs are customized versions of ChatGPT pre-loaded with prompts or context, each designed to be good at specific tasks.

There’s a GPT for everything, like one for lesson plans, one that crunches numbers, and one that recommends books you’ll buy but never read.

The GPT Store is a game-changer.

GPTs can remove the need for lengthy back-and-forths with ChatGPT every time you need assistance.

We recommend identifying frequent work tasks (like crafting sales emails) and searching the GPT Store for relevant GPTs that can speed things up (like this Sales Cold Email Coach).

(fun fact: Nearly half of Neuron readers are already regular GPT users).

Thinking about creating your own GPTs? Here's our two cents:

  • If you’ve got killer prompts or instructions, just put them into a new GPT to save yourself from repetitive prompting in each new convo.

  • And if you have a lot of unique data/knowledge you want ChatGPT to remember—think legal case databases, exclusive financial models, or proprietary codebases—just upload them to a GPT.

    • Builders will eventually earn $$$ when people use their GPTs, though the specifics are TBD.

But, a word of caution: building a good GPT is hard. The builder interface can be awkward, gauging your GPT's effectiveness is challenging, and RAG (retrieval from provided information) is mid.

BTW, we asked y’all to share your GPT creations. Someone sent in a Larry David chatbot that's genuinely hilarious—or, as Larry would say, pretty, pretty, pretty good!


Have an AI idea but don’t know how to build it? 

Hire world-class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and MIT. 

If you know AI should be a part of your business but don’t know how to implement it, you need AE Studio.

Their team is stacked with elite software creators who can turn any AI/ML concept into reality for your business—think automated reports, NLP, custom chatbots, and beyond. 

They’ve helped businesses create products like AI clothing marketplaces and a chatbot for historical figures (seriously, check out how cool some of these products are). 

OpenAI launched a new ChatGPT plan.

OpenAI has a smorgasbord (great word) of ChatGPT plans to choose from—here’s our guide to picking the right one.

Yesterday, they announced a new one: ChatGPT Team.

It’s a ChatGPT group plan for teams of various sizes who aren't quite at the enterprise level.

This plan boasts all the features of ChatGPT Plus (think DALL·E 3, GPT-4 with Vision, Browsing, & Advanced Data Analysis), with a few key differences:

  • Extended chat durations with ChatGPT.

  • A slight bump in price: $30 per person per month.

  • Most importantly: OpenAI *does not* use your business data and convos to train its models.

Microsoft 365 Copilot also asks for $30/month, but it integrates with your Office suite and needs at least 300 users.

Around the Horn.


  • Quora raised $75M from a16z to continue building out Poe, its chatbot platform.

  • Here’s how to add custom GPTs to any website in minutes.

  • rabbit, the AI tech sensation we featured yesterday, sold out all 10,000 units on day 1.

  • Public Citizen is urging California to reevaluate OpenAI's non-profit status.

Thursday Trivia.

Photo ops can be puzzling. Smile? Look tough? Maybe a peace sign for a throwback vibe? ✌️

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one of these is Midjourney and one is real.

Which is which?

left or right?

A Cat's Commentary.

Trivia Answer: The left is a real news anchor and the right is Midjourney!

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