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PLUS: Our guide to OpenAI's offerings.

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Michael Cohen gave his lawyer fake AI legal cases (LOL).

  • Our guide to navigating OpenAI’s offerings.

  • Chief Justice Roberts released his thoughts on AI’s role in law.

  • xAI incorporated as a “for-profit benefit corporation” in Nevada.

Our advice of the day? Don’t be like this guy ^.

  • Name: Michael Cohen.

  • Claim-to-fame: Donald Trump’s fixer.

  • AI knowledge: non-existent.

Mr. Cohen handed his lawyer fake legal citations sourced from Bard (no surprise here), which were then presented to a federal judge. A federal judge!

Blindly trusting chatbots, which can hallucinate and cite bogus cases, is precisely how AI shouldn’t be used in a court of law, according to Chief Justice John Roberts’ EOY Report.

Yet, AI still has an important role in law, specifically “for those who cannot afford a lawyer”, Roberts noted. It can help with basic procedural stuff like filling out templates and court forms.

IMO, as tech companies inch closer to bringing hallucinations to near-zero (contacts tell us some are close), we expect chatbots to take on a far more significant role in lawyers’ day-to-day. Think drafting, reviewing documents, contracts, and more.

One legal startup we’re excited about is Harvey, which just bagged an $80M Series B and is already streamlining operations for major law firms with AI.

We’re just itching to see Mike Ross from "Suits" in a legal trivia face-off with GPT-4!


Build AI-powered apps in hours, not days. 

Can you imagine it?

You…building custom AI applications that skyrocket your business…without having to worry about being an AI genius? #promotion

webAI’s Navigator helps businesses build AI apps in hours, not weeks. 

Navigator’s IDE gives you the flexibility to train models with full code OR drag-and-drop in minutes. You're always in the driver's seat—fully controlling your models, with options to deploy them on local devices or cloud platforms.

Guide to choosing the right version of ChatGPT.

One year ago, all we had was plain ‘ol ChatGPT-3. Life was simple back then.

Fast forward, and today there’s a smorgasbord of options: ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, Azure OpenAI, Bing Chat, and even Custom Models.

So, which should YOU be using? Our lawyer-y answer: it depends. 

Stick with free ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo if you’re a casual AI user (think 1-2x per week). If you’re strapped for cash, you can use ChatGPT-4 for free with Bing Chat

If AI is part of your daily work grind, purchase ChatGPT Plus at $20/month. The beefed-up model (GPT-4 Turbo and soon GPT-4.5) comes with DALL-E 3, Advanced Data Analysis, web browsing, GPTs & more.

Use ChatGPT Enterprise if you’re a mid to large-sized company wanting universal ChatGPT-4 access for employees AND legit data security. 

(we recommend using Azure’s OpenAI Service if your business lives inside Microsoft). 

And if you’re a big-ass company that needs custom-tailored GPT-4 models for specific areas like financial data, OpenAI Custom Models are your answer—that’s if you've got at least $2-3M to spare...

Lastly, do your colleagues a solid and pass this link along! 😉🚀🤖

Around the Horn.

  • xAI incorporated as a “for-profit benefit corporation”, meaning it can prioritize its impact on society.

  • Here’s how you can archive conversations in ChatGPT.

  • Meta’s AI Ray-Ban smart glasses have been generating much buzz on TikTok lately.

  • An overview of OpenAI’s approach to protect against risk from its AI systems.

Wednesday Wirings.

The last few weeks have been slow in fundraising as top VCs departed for their European vacations. Here’s a recap of where we stand in AI unicorn la-la-land.


  1. OpenAI: $29B (currently raising at $100B).

  2. Scale AI: $7.3B.

  3. Anthropic: $5B (currently raising at $18.4B).

  4. Inflection AI: $4B.

  5. Shield AI: $2.7B.

  6. CoreWeave: $2.4B.

  7. Cohere: $2.2B.

  8. Mistral AI: $2B.

  9. Jasper AI: $1.5B.

  10. AI21: $1.4B.

  11. Runway: $1.3B.

  12. Stability AI: >$1B (trying to raise at $4B).

  13. Imbue: >$1B.

  14. Character AI: $1B (trying to raise at >$5B).

  15. Typeface: $1B.

  16. Synthesia: $1B.

  17. Adept AI: $1B.

  18. Glean AI: $1B.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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