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On one FB group, a teacher shared that they offered students amnesty for admitting to using ChatGPT in their assignments, and 23 out of 25 confessed to using it. Our takeaway? In the end there were two liars in the classroom…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • We share the best AI tools for hiring managers.

  • 70K votes rated Claude 3 Opus higher than ChatGPT-4.

  • Free ChatGPT users should switch to Claude 3 Sonnet ASAP.

  • The Browser Company, the brains behind Arc, just bagged $50M.

These are the AI tools you need for hiring.

Last month, we discussed some pros / cons of AI in recruitment.

TLDR: AI in recruiting is inevitable. Recruiters want it, candidates are mixed. Bias will be a thing, but it’s fixable.

Some guidance for our dear HR professionals (we’re sorry Toby from The Office gave you a bad rap).

  1. Identify the most tedious and repetitive tasks in HR.

  2. Play around with Claude 3 & GPT-4, plus any Zapier AI plugins that can automate manual tasks (if you think an AI can do it, it probably can).

  3. Keep an eye out for new AI tools that can mesh with your current setups.

Luckily, FlexOS just dropped the Top #40 HR AI tools…and some are already drawing millions of views and trimming hours from the hiring process.

Highlighting the best applications and tools:

Paradox AI

  • Screening through candidates, parsing resumes, scheduling interviews with the best fits (Skillate, Fetcher).

  • AI that schedules interviews and then conducts text interviews, such as Paradox (used by Mickie D’s and Amazon), Hirevue, and Sapia AI, Humanly).

  • AI that conducts asynchronous video interviews to shortlist candidates (Interviewer.ai).

  • Optimizing job descriptions (Textio, Job Description GPT on ChatGPT).

Check out all the Top #40 tools here!


Builders Asked. OctoAI Delivered. 

Good: Convincing an LLM to return JSON.

Better: Getting a reliable output every time.

Best: Reliability, control, and speed?!

You best believe it. OctoAI’s new JSON mode lets you control output formats, with no sacrifices on quality and response times that’ll make your eyes water.

Plus, test and swap in models whenever new ones hit the market.

OctoAI gives you a stack that works everywhere: the cloud, dedicated deployments, or your private environment.

Read more about OctoAI’s JSON mode in Text Generation. And get $10 in free tokens when you sign up!

ChatGPT-4 dethroned, finally.

IT’S OFFICIAL: Claude 3 Opus is now the world’s top chatbot after 70K people voted on HuggingFace, making it the first chatbot to beat ChatGPT-4.

By the narrowest of margins…

Claude is slightly better at coding—keeps longer context, produces more complete code snippets, and requires less back-and-forth.

Claude is slightly better at writing—more natural, varied, engaging, and adherent to style/tone.

A notable distinction for many power users is ChatGPT-4's higher refusal rate compared to Claude 3 (i.e. it says ‘IDK’ more often).

Perhaps most importantly, Claude 3 Sonnet (powering the free Claude) drastically outperforms ChatGPT-3.5 (powering the free ChatGPT), which means any free ChatGPT users should switch to Claude ASAP.

Why it matters: We use ChatGPT-4 and Claude 3 interchangeably at this point, but honestly think this comparison could become obsolete once GPT-5 enters the scene, which BI reported could be sometime “mid-year”.

Around the Horn.

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. Fundguard, an AI accounting platform for asset managers, secured $100M.

  2. Foundry, which provides public cloud infrastructure for AI companies, snagged $80M.

  3. The Browser Company, which created an AI-native browsing experience Arc, raised $50M.

  4. Fieldguide, an AI for advisory and audit services, raised $30M.

  5. Activeloop, which helps enterprises use unstructured multimodal data to train LLMs, raised $11M.

  6. RealSage, an AI platform that helps rental owners make decisions, secured $4M.

  7. Holistic AI, a way to manage AI adoption across your enterprise, raised an undisclosed amount.

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