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PLUS: Exhausting. Tedious. Bureaucratic.

Welcome, humans.

Anyone watch the Oscars last night? chirp chirp.

Well, we did, and it was half bad. One thing AI definitely could’ve spruced up is those winner speeches.

Gosh, there’s more cringe-y than watching someone rushed off stage by that “your-time’s-up” music while they try to thank everyone they’re Facebook friends with!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  •  ⅔ recruiters hope AI will make it easier / faster to source candidates.

  • A Bloomberg study showed ChatGPT can be biased in hiring.

  • Our guide on using AI to streamline performance reviews.

  • Sam Altman is rejoining OpenAI’s board, along with three others.

AI in hiring is a double-edged sword.

When it comes to hiring in AI, there are three main camps:

  1. Employers (BULLISH)—  recruiters hope AI will make it faster / easier to source candidates.

  2. Candidates (BEARISH)71% of Americans oppose AI making the final hiring calls, and only 28% favor AI screening applications at all.

  3. Everyone else (CONCERNED)—The media always calls out AI for bias, and NYC recently passed a law demanding companies pass bias audits and disclose when they use AI in hiring processes.

Our take? Everyone is kinda right, but details matter.

It’s inevitable that AI will speed up hiring. Tools like Seekout and Moonhub already sift through millions of candidates to find the right match.

And yes—bias is an obstacle.

A Bloomberg report had ChatGPT-3.5 pick “the most qualified candidate” for various roles in thousands of trials, and the results revealed consistent biases towards certain demographics.

Biased against black men in financial analyst roles. Biased against white men in HR roles. Biased against black women in software engineering roles.

Another report saw that Claude is biased too, sometimes against the complete opposite demographics as ChatGPT.

But don’t act surprised. Humans make AI models. Humans are very biased.

The good news is bias in recruitment is a very fixable problem.

  • Anthropic managed to eliminate nearly all bias in Claude by simply telling it not to be biased.

  • Another approach involves using AI to anonymize applications by stripping away personal details that could lead to bias.

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How AI can streamline structured writing tasks.

“Exhausting”. “Tedious”. “Bureaucratic”.

Those are the words some managers used to describe writing performance reviews, per Axios, and we couldn’t help but snap our fingers in agreement (actually please don’t snap your fingers…it’s annoying…).

That's why more managers are turning to AI to write their self-assessments and performance reviews. Here’s how:

*To be clear, this isn’t about BS’ing feedback—authentic feedback matters. It’s about using AI to refine insights into well-crafted reviews.

1. Jot down notes about your direct reports.

2. Use this ChatGPT/Claude prompt (steal here):

"You are a Human Resources Specialist tasked with crafting a nuanced performance review. Your objective is to synthesize the provided feedback into a coherent evaluation that accurately reflects the individual's performance.

This review should embody a tone that matches the nature of the feedback and constructively conveys key insights and recommendations for future improvement or recognition of excellence. Offer clear examples and actionable advice to support professional development.

[insert notes].”

3. Use the output as a *first draft*. Refine it by incorporating more context, insights, recommendations, and the usual embellishments found in performance reviews.


In the same vein, AI can help draft other structured writing tasks that involve turning notes into write-ups, such as:

  • Meeting summaries / action items.

  • Post project mortems / debriefs.

  • Quarterly business reviews.

  • Client feedback summaries.

  • Compliance reports.

  • Birthday texts that border on epic poetry :)

Around the Horn.

  • Following an “independent” investigation, Sam Altman is rejoining OpenAI’s board along with Fidji Simo, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, and Nicole Seligman.

  • Here’s a list of suggested prompts for Claude across various topics.

  • Heard in Biden’s State of the Union: “Harness the promise of A.I. and protect us from its peril,” and “Ban A.I. voice impersonation and more!” 

  • r/singularity: Those who have switched from ChatGPT 4 to Claude Pro, what is your main use case?

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