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Marques Brownlee skewered the Humane Ai Pin so badly that people are interviewing him about the review and writing long posts about the future of AI in reaction to it.

Will this be the end of overhyped AI product demos? 🤞

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Poe is making it easier to use multiple chatbots at once.

  • We share two ways to expand your usage of Gemini and ChatGPT.

  • Mistral AI is raising at a $5B valuation, up from $2B 4 months ago.

  • Adobe released an AI PDF assistant for Acrobat.

Poe lets you use multiple chatbots in the same convo.

Did you know GPT-4 was released over a year ago now, in March 2023?

That’s 15 years in dog years AI journalist years—just ask my barber how many gray hairs I’ve gotten!

Ever since, researchers have been pumping out AI models trying to match or beat it. It turns out that some of these models are better at certain tasks than others.

Poe, the all-in-one chatbot playground, is trying something new: letting you switch across multiple models mid-conversation.

Start a convo with ChatGPT, continue it with Claude, then ask DALL-E 3 for an image, and repeat with any of the chatbots we recently ranked.

It’s like putting AI models in a tag team!

Poe’s new feature is useful if you notice that one chatbot is getting worse or if you want to compare how two chatbots will respond to the same prompt.

Even if you don’t mix and match models, Poe is still just $20/month to play with all of the latest models instead of paying for them separately. That includes ChatGPT 4, Claude 3 Opus, and Gemini 1.5 Pro, which are normally $20/month each!


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The secret to their success is treating your project as if it were their own startup. 

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You can also augment your chat in Gemini and ChatGPT.

It’s not just Poe. Here are two other ways you can “tag in” another service when using AI:

1) Google Gemini: tag in Google Workspace, Maps, Travel, and YouTube.

This lets you do things like:

  • ask Google Drive for files that talk about a certain topic.

  • write a blurb with restaurant options for dinner.

  • analyze a YouTube video’s content.

The integrations aren’t perfect (unfortunately) but some use cases like email get easier when you can just “say what you want” vs. trying to remember specific words.

2) ChatGPT GPTs: tag in any GPT that you’ve installed

Poe’s new experiment and GPTs have a lot in common: mix and match different AIs in a single chat. The only difference is Poe is across all types of models, while ChatGPT-4 is only across GPTs, customized versions of ChatGPT.

If you need inspiration for GPTs, check out this site for a ranking of the most popular GPTs.

(We encourage you to dig a bit further down since ChatGPT itself can now do many of the things claimed by the top 10 GPTs!).

Around the Horn.

  • Ernie, the Chinese ChatGPT, was reported to hit 200 million users.

  • Amazon Music released a new feature that creates playlists using text prompts.

  • Hot AI slide deck startup Tome laid off 20% of its staff to pivot to business users.

  • AI is causing drama in the hip-hop world (Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin).

Treats To Try.

  1. *We want to know how developers are really building with AI. Share your insights (and hottest takes) in the newest State of AI survey for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card!

  2. AI Assistant for Acrobat is Adobe’s new “chat with your PDF” assistant.

  3. Muddy is an AI-powered web browser that’s built for team collaboration.

  4. Cassidy is an internal AI assistant that’s trained on all of your company knowledge bases.

  5. Canyon is a job search platform that includes AI mock interviews.

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Wednesday Wirings.

  1. G42, a UAE-based AI holding company, snagged $1.5B from Microsoft.

  2. Mistral AI is seeking “several hundred million” in a new fundraising round.

  3. Rivos raised $250M to build new AI chips.

  4. Upstage, a document and workflow automation platform, raised $72M.

  5. Spines, a publishing platform supercharged by AI, raised $6.5M.

  6. PETE (no relation) raised $2M to build an AI learning platform.

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