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PLUS: ChatGPT Enterprise grew *300%* in 3 months!

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Hey ChatGPT loyalists, we recognize that this year has been a lot of Claude 3-this and Claude 3-that. It’s not personal. At The Neuron, we're not about picking sides…we just respect game where we see it.

And this week, that game shines brightly on OpenAI, our first true love, King of the AI throne, and arguably the least catchy name for a revolutionary AI company…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI made its API more user-friendly for fine-tuning GPT-3.5.

  • ChatGPT Enterprise has quadrupled its user base in the past three months.

  • Google is contemplating charging for features of its AI-powered search engine.

  • Stable Audio 2.0 is here and can generate 3-minute-long music tracks.

How to use OpenAI beyond ChatGPT.

Mention OpenAI and ChatGPT springs to mind for most. That’s cute, but OpenAI's toolkit extends far beyond that, offering numerous ways for businesses and employees to leverage AI.

1. One way is fine-tuning the API. This essentially means teaching ChatGPT to be an expert in a specific area that matters for what you do (e.g., summarizing text).

For instance, Indeed fine-tuned ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo to write personalized job recs to job applicants, which helped them boost their outreach from 1M to 20M messages/month. Impressive indeed.

Yesterday, OpenAI launched new features that make it easier for your developers to fine-tune GPT-3.5—deets here.

2. Companies can also have OpenAI do the fine-tuning for them (dubbed assisted fine-tuning). SK Telecom had OpenAI fine-tune GPT-4 to be proficient at having telecom-related convos in Korean—they saw a 35% uptick in performance as a result.

3. Then there’s building custom models from scratch. This is for companies with treasure troves of proprietary data in a specific domain that they need ChatGPT to know, like law!

OpenAI built a custom model for Harvey (AI assistant for lawyers) that’s 83% more accurate than GPT-4 (read the case study here).


Never manually update your CRM again.

"I love updating our CRM,"...said no sales rep EVER!

At The Neuron, we've automated significant portions of our sales process using AI.

Here’s how you can, too:

Attention auto-updates your CRM based on sales calls and other customer interactions—say goodbye to manually entering MEDDIC, BANT, or any other data into your Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive…

This AI wizard can:

  1. Log crucial data in your CRM.

  2. Write follow-up emails.

  3. Autoscore deals with AI.

Plus, it delivers insights that have pulled in an extra $250k in ARR per rep. 

ChatGPT Enterprise is taking off.

4. Finally, there’s ChatGPT Enterprise. This is buying ChatGPT-4 for your entire org, with the big perk being that your business data stays private.

What happens in ‘GPT stays in ‘GPT…

ChatGPT Enterprise

Other benefits of Enterprise include unlimited ChatGPT-4 access, 2x speed, and longer context windows—think of it as ChatGPT on steroids.

Just yesterday, OpenAI’s COO Brad Lightcap highlighted ChatGPT Enterprise’s “tremendous momentum,” with its user base jumping from 150,000 to 600,000 in the last 3 months.

A lot of companies have seen moderate productivity gains with Enterprise. For example, 92% of Holiday Extras' staff are saving more than 2 hours weekly, using it for tasks like:

  • Crafting content in multiple languages.

  • Analyzing CSV uploads for data trends.

  • Improving communication for senior engineers.

  • Managing customer service requests.

Expensive but worth it for big companies.

We’re eagerly awaiting the day when ChatGPT helps Holiday Extras make airport parking less of a sh*tshow…

Around the Horn.

  • Google is considering charging for its AI-powered search engine features.

  • As more people turn to AI chatbots for product discovery, brands are eager to see how AIs portray them.

  • Apple might push into the “personal robotics” space, possibly building a robot that follows you at home.

  • YouTube CEO: If OpenAI is training Sora on our videos, that would violate our terms of service.

Treats To Try.

Command R+

  1. Command R+ is a new model from Cohere for high-context enterprise tasks (it’s more accurate than GPT-4 Turbo/Claude 3 Sonnet).

  2. Stable Audio 2.0 generates music tracks up to three minutes long.

  3. Podgenai generates hour-long audiobooks/podcasts on any topic in three different voices.

  4. *Fill out this form to get your company featured here in front of 420,000+ AI power users.

  5. Genie from Google DeepMind can create Super Mario-esque video games from images, sketches, or textual prompts.

  6. Claude-Author can write an entire novel in minutes.

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Intelligent Insights.

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