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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI launched ChatGPT for enterprises.

  • Google Workspace unveiled AI features for Meet and Chat.

  • Yahoo Mail is adding an AI feature that searches your inbox.

  • Fox Sports, Six Flags, & IHOP are bringing AI to their products via Google Cloud.

ChatGPT For Big Biz Has Arrived.

Open is launching ChatGPT Enterprise, a powerful version of ChatGPT designed to keep businesses’ data safe. 

This could be the solution for big companies — Goldman Sachs, Amazon, & Citigroup included — who’ve banned ChatGPT at work over privacy concerns.

ChatGPT Enterprise is SOC 2 compliant and does not use your data to train their models. What happens in ChatGPT, stays in ChatGPT.

It’s ChatGPT on steroids:

  • unlimited access to ChatGPT-4.

  • higher speed (up to 2x).

  • 4x longer context windows for prompts or files.

  • free OpenAI credits.

  • teams can share helpful chats and prompts.

Why it matters: This matters A LOT because it’s one step closer to integrating AI into the core operations of every company. Asana says ChatGPT Enterprise has already “cut down research time by an average of an hour per day.”

OpenAI hinted that the next big step will be customizing ChatGPT to your company-specific data and apps like Salesforce. Trust us, security will surely be top of mind here.

So, yeah, it’s got our stamp of approval, but here are two caveats:

  1. It’s (probably) expensive: OpenAI hasn’t released the price, and some folks expect it to start at ~$100k/year. Did someone say GoFundMe?!

  2. There’s the copyright problem: OpenAI is under fire for alleged creative theft, which could raise eyebrows for some companies.


You’ll regret not attending this AI conference.

SF is back, and it’s the place to be if you want to build AI (said by a New Yorker).

Here’s an opportunity to see be in the room where the top innovation in AI happens:

The AI Conference — a melting pot of researchers and engineers working hand-in-hand to understand challenges and build solutions.

Collaborate on projects with brains from Anthropic, Nvidia & Hugging Face. Instant career boost?

The AI Conference team is giving readers of The Neuron a special deal for the next 3 days: 30% off! Use code “NEURON30” to lock it in.

But you gotta move fast: the event is almost sold out! Secure your spot before the opportunity disappears!

AI Assistants Are Coming To Your Favorite Google Apps.

We’re reporting live from Google Cloud Next at Moscone Center in SF!

Today, Google Workspace — home of Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Slides, Gmail, & more — is getting an AI makeover!

tl;dr: Say hello to Google's Duet AI, your new virtual sidekick across all Google apps. Check out what this bad boy can do:

  • Create presentations from data scattered in Workspace.

  • Draft personalized replies in Gmail.

  • Summarize long documents.

  • Jot down notes & to-dos during meetings (with one-click “Save to Docs”!).

Sound familiar? Yup, Microsoft's also playing the same game with Copilot (think: AI Everywhere All At Once). Google’s taking names for free test drives of Duet AI here.

A few other hits from Google’s avalanche of AI updates (read it all at their blog):

  • Google’s AI model PaLM, Codey, and Imagen all got upgrades.

  • A bunch of companies are partnering with Google Cloud to integrate AI into their products (MVP pick: Six Flags using AI to help riders find the shortest lines).

Around the Horn.

  • DoorDash is developing AI agents that can handle voice orders.

  • Yahoo Mail is adding AI features, one of which helps you search through mail via prompts.

  • 5 prompting tips for Claude: describe your task, highlight parts of your prompt, give examples, use long context, & give Claude time to think.

  • Musk, Zuckerberg, Altman, and other AI leaders will attend the Sentate’s AI forum in two weeks.

Treats To Try.

Poe lets you use all the top-tier chatbots (GPT-4, Claude 2, Midjourney, etc) in one location:

One cool new feature lets you simultaneously hold multiple convos with the same chatbot. Check out their new Mac app here.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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