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PLUS: 4 insane tools we found this week.

Welcome, humans.

It’s been 8 months since we saw those AI tools that could mimic songs from [your favorite artist]. Fast forward and we can’t name a single soul who’s actually listened to AI music. Human music > AI music. Mic drop. 🎤

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • 1,032 of you shared the AI tools you're into.

  • We're spotlighting 4 AI tools that grabbed our attention this week.

  • Google has hit pause on its AI-driven image creator.

  • Users can now see a GPT’s rating.

Here’s which AI tools y’all (actually) use.

The Neuron is on a quest to find out if people are using AI and what they’re using. No fluff. No hype. No BS.

So we went straight to the source: YOU.

Last week, we asked y’all how many and which AI tools you use regularly.

Then we jumped to the Data Analyst GPT on ChatGPT to create some sexy charts, cause a photo chart is worth a thousand words. Here’s what we found:

made using ChatGPT, verified by humans

  • Most readers use 1-3 tools consistently.

  • 10% of you don’t use any AI tools weekly—we let you down :(

  • And 7.5% are juggling 8+ tools weekly (RIP to your wallet)!

Adds up. Most folks we chat with lean on one chatbot and one AI tool tailored to their profession. OH, and would ya look at that:

made using ChatGPT, verified by humans

ChatGPT is the go-to chatbot for Neuron readers (& GitHub Copilot for coding). We’re *very* interested to see if this shifts with Gemini 1.5 Pro.

Also, y’all LOVE using Perplexity, probably cause we always hype it up…or maybe cause it’s just that good (it is).

Why it matters: 2023 was flooded with "this new AI tool is revolutionary" claims. 2024 is about finding those one or two tools that truly resonate.


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4 treats we saw this week.

Okay fine, there still are still some amazing AI tools emerging these days—here are 4 that caught the media's attention this week:

1: Retell AI—a conversational AI that sounds like humans (knows when to listen, manages interruptions, responds instantly, etc.). Check out how natural this sounds:

We’re over the moon at the thought of how much easier this could make airline customer support.

2: Stable Diffusion 3—an upgraded text-to-image model that's open for anyone to build upon. Neat, eh?

Stable Diffusion

3: Phind-70B is an AI search engine for engineers—Phind claims this new model outperforms GPT-4 and is 4x faster. True head-to-head is TBD.

4: NotesOllama is a way to talk to a chatbot in your Apple Notes for things like summarizing notes and asking questions (it keeps your secrets private).

Around the Horn.

Intelligent Insights.

The Neuron = the how + the what + the why of AI:

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Friday Faculty.

  1. 16 roles in engineering/product/revenue at Groq (CA).

  2. 26 open AI-related positions at Arm (UK/Europe).

  3. Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe (San Jose).

  4. 1,772 jobs across all roles at Nvidia!

  5. AI Researcher at Lindy.

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A Cat's Commentary.

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