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PLUS: biggest day for AI music yet

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Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • ChatGPT leaks: file uploading, profiles, organizations, and workspaces.

  • Meta's open-source MusicGen turns text and melody into new songs.

  • ChatGPT added 112 new plugins, bringing its total to over 400.

  • How to use ChatGPT to automate web scraping.

We Might Finally Get AI That “Remembers” Us 📝

ChatGPT is a bit like a supercentenarian: full of wisdom but can’t remember a damn thing you tell it!

Every time I fire up a chat, I have to jog ChatGPT’s memory about who I am so that it’s most helpful. “I’m the guy who writes that cat-friendly, snappy, and accessible AI newsletter!”

A bit of a hassle, right? But rumor has it (thank you, Reddit leaks!) that ChatGPT might be cooking up some features to customize your outputs. Here's what's in the works:

  • My profile: key facts ChatGPT should remember about you (software engineer at FAAMG).

  • My files: important documents you need ChatGPT to be familiar with (i.e., legal guidelines).

It’s AI … for you!

It’s catching on. Last week, Perplexity launched AI Profiles to tailor search queries to your bio, language, and locale. And let's not forget our friend Pi, the personal AI that really "gets ya."

Why it matters: The best AI assistants will be the ones that require the least prompting. They'll get to know who you are, what you need, and your modus operandi.

Profiles are a good starting point, but we believe the game-changer will be larger context windows (that's nerd-speak for the amount of context ChatGPT can handle).


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Meta’s Open-Source “MusicGen” Turns Text Into Songs 🎼

Crank up the volume, folks: text-to-music has arrived!

Meta rolled out MusicGen, its open-source music LLM that generates music based on text and music prompts. To train it, they fed it a whopping 20k hours of licensed music, 10k music tracks, and data from Shutterstock.

It’s the Stable Diffusion/LLaMA moment for music. The buzz is already palpable, with people already customizing their dream soundtracks, like a Lofi remix of Harry Styles. Watermelon sugar, A-I.

Since it’s open-source, anyone can play around with MusicGen on Hugging Face.

We recommend the template: “a [type of music] track with [type of instrument] at [#] BPM in the style of [musician’s] [specific melody/song].”

MusicGen has been reported to interpret prompts more accurately and at a higher resolution than Google’s MusicLM. This thread compares the two, prompt by prompt.

Why it matters: Basically, it's a Pandora's box of infinite new tunes. And since the training data is licensed, creators can strike a chord without worrying about copyright issues.

We're all set to rock 'n' roll with the innovative tunes this will inspire! Bring on the music!

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s predictions on AI and open-source on The Lex Fridman Podcast.

  • Companies are racing to organize their data infrastructure so they can effectively leverage generative AI (WSJ).

  • ChatGPT added 112 new plugins in a single day. Here’s an overview of the new ones. (Note: Reddit may be under a blackout when you try to read this link. Here’s an alternative listing.)

  • How to use ChatGPT to fully automate web scraping.

  • Nature, the popular scientific journal, is banning the use of generative AI in images and videos on the platform.

  • Stable Diffusion has a significant bias problem, according to a review conducted by Bloomberg.

  • 10 free generative AI courses from Google.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • GPT Engineer uses AI agents to transform prompts into tailored, adaptable codebases.

  • Monitor your OpenAI API usage and costs with AI Spend.

  • Generate a custom chatbot trained on your website data using Algomo.

  • OpenObserve uses AI to track, measure, and analyze huge amounts of digital data like logs, metrics, and traces.

  • WriteSonic’s AI Article Writer 5.0 can craft articles in your brand’s unique voice.

  • Google’s developer APIs (rivaling the OpenAI suite) are now generally available.

We curated all the tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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