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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT+ users can use any GPT in the same convo.

  • The NYT is hiring an AI team.

  • OpenAI reportedly violated EU privacy policy & has 30 days to respond.

  • We chose this week’s #neuron winner at the end!

Now, mixing and matching GPTs in a ChatGPT chat just got easier.

Before, switching between GPTs meant starting from scratch with each new one you selected from the GPT Store.

Now, you can seamlessly swap GPTs mid-chat. Just type @, pick your GPT, and keep rolling:


Think of it like Instagram—tagging a friend with “@” instead of sending them a separate link to the post.

Here’s our show-don’t-tell for what this looks like IRL:

We kicked off with an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) GPT, which pinpointed our target audience as health-conscious fitness instructors—a phrase as repetitive as “elderly grandma.”

Once it wrapped up, we called in Social Spark GPT for some fresh social media strategies tailored for these fitness buffs.

Then, we enlisted Slide Deck Sage GPT to craft a presentation outline, channeling our inner McKinsey intern.

Voilà—a seamless GPT symphony!

Here’s the full conversation, though the GPTs will show up as “anonymous” in your browser.

*Keep scrolling for our top tips on leveraging GPTs.*


Have an AI idea but don’t know how to build it? 

Hire world-class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and MIT. 

If you know AI should be a part of your business but don’t know how to implement it, you need AE Studio.

Their team is stacked with elite software creators who can turn any AI/ML concept into reality for your business—think automated reports, NLP, custom chatbots, and beyond. 

They’ve helped businesses create products like AI clothing marketplaces and a chatbot for historical figures (seriously, check out how cool some of these products are). 

Here’s our advice on using GPTs.

Here’s what we posted on GPTs 20 days ago—still rings true:

If you're yet to craft a GPT, it's crucial to deconstruct your task into replicable steps and clearly communicate these steps to the GPT Builder.

And if you don’t want to make your own GPT…use somebody else’s! The GPT Store has GPTs tailored to nearly every use case.

A playful challenge we’ve embraced: Each time we use ChatGPT, we check if there's a specialized GPT that can perform the task more efficiently. We bookmark these in our sidebar, so it’ll show up when we type “@” in a new convo.

Pro tip: Share your go-to GPTs with your team so they can @ them too!

Around the Horn.

  • Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Business grew 30% amid strong demand for its AI products.

  • The NYT is hiring a team to explore AI’s potential in journalism.

  • Italy’s data watchdog flagged OpenAI for breaching EU privacy laws, giving them a 30-day window for a response.

  • OpenAI and Common Sense Media are partnering to to safeguard AI usage among teens and families.

  • r/ChatGPTPro: Is ChatGPT Teams ($30) worth it over ChatGPT+ ($20)?

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. Kore.ai, a no-code generative AI platform for enterprises, raised $150M.

  2. Rebellions, an AI chipmaker collabing with Samsung, raised $124M.

  3. Codeium, a programming assistant for developers, raised $65M.

  4. Krutrim, India’s first AI unicorn, raised $50M.

  5. Sema4, a startup building open-source enterprise automations, raised $30.5M. 

  6. Semron, a startup building 3D-scaled AI chips, raised $7.9M.

  7. Wondercraft, an AI audio tool for generating content like podcasts raised $3M. 

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

A Cat's Commentary.

Where do you #neuron?

To #neuron means to live a life in harmony with AI, where human intuition and machine intelligence blend seamlessly, leading to smarter living. 😻

Spotlight on this week’s #neuron champion (for obvious reasons):

Jiana from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Raleigh from Madrid, Spain

Servando from Seattle, WA (#neuron on 2 monitors—hell yes!)

Jashank from Dallas, Texas

Ben from Bristol, UK

Verbrate from “My hidey hole” — we love it!

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