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Yesterday, we played a game called take a shot whenever someone says “AI”. The party was in SF, so naturally everyone was hammered within 15 minutes. 🤢

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • OpenAI is pausing Bing’s browsing plugin.

  • Another media company fired writers and is using AI.

  • The US is considering greater restrictions on trade with China.

  • Researchers designed a CPU in 5 hours using AI.

The Battle Over Data: AI Models vs. Publishers ⚔️

OpenAI is temporarily halting ChatGPT’s “Browse” plugin thanks to folks sneakily accessing paywalled articles using it.

You cheeky devils… :)

But is its “doing right by content owners” excuse sincere? The firm itself eats up content around the internet to train its models without asking first. So does Google. This means less money for publishers (aka content owners).

The million-dollar question is: do you have legal rights to content you publish online?

Some platforms are getting out in front and securing their data behind paywalls before it’s too late:

  • Reddit announced in April it would start charging for access to its extensive conversations via an API.

  • And last week Twitter capped how many posts could be viewed per day to curb data scraping. How will we kill time now?!

Why it matters: Data is a hot commodity, and there still aren’t clear rules on how or if online publishers should be compensated for their content within models.

This thread has some interesting takes from both sides of the aisle.


Crush Your Next Presentation Deck

Hands up if you’ve sat through dreary PowerPoint presentations at work. 🙋

Most AI presentation tools are quick but produce boring results. We found one that ticks all the boxes.

Journey is PowerPoint meets Figma meets ChatGPT. Here’s how it works:

  1. Import all your assets: logo, designs, & copywriting.

  2. Journey’s crafts the most stunning presentations using sleek design tools & AI.

They’ve quietly delivered results: 500+ founders raised over $10 million, and hundreds of sales teams have closed deals.

Use Journey if you’re in the business of selling and want a competitive edge. Sign up for free today.

G/O Media Is The Latest Publisher Tap AI Content ✍️

Here’s even more AI controversy!

G/O Media, parent company Gizmodo and Jalopnik, laid off over a dozen newsroom workers this week. Days later, they announced a plan to publish AI content.

Impeccable timing, right? Let’s just say people weren’t thrilled.

G/O isn’t the first media company to face pushback for publishing AI-generated content.

  • CNET and BuzzFeed have both gambled on AI content (the results have been meh).

  • Meanwhile, Hollywood writers are rallying against AI being trained on their own writing to generate new TV scripts.

Why it matters: Content creators and publishers are waking up to the huge role AI impact have in media, but so far AI content by itself has been underwhelming.

We’re placing our bets on a future where written content is a collaborative effort: human proving context, examples, and tweaks to guide GPT.

Disclaimer: this was a written by humans, though some people call us absolute machines.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • US cloud providers might need permission from the US government to sell services to Chinese customers with powerful AI chips.

  • Midjourney added a panning feature to extend your image in any direction.

  • Are people in tech inside an AI echo chamber (Ask Hacker News)?

  • Chinese researchers designed an entire CPU as fast as Intel’s i486SX in under 5 hours using AI.

  • We’re co-hosting a panel on The AI-Powered Team - how roles and team dynamics changes, what jobs will be created.

Wednesday Wirings 💸

We already covered a few of the big raises on Friday. Here are some less talked about companies making moves:

  1. Resistant, which catches financial crime using AI, raised $11 million.

  2. Patented, a service that detects intellectual property infringement, raised $4 million.

  3. Intelecy, which helps industrial engineers deploy ML models with no code, raised $3.5 million.

  4. JustPaid, which helps companies monitor payments with automations and benchmarking, raised $3.5 million.

  5. Brilliant Labs, a maker of AI-powered AR glasses, raised $3 million.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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