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Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • Inflection raised $1.3 billion for its personal AI, Pi.

  • Runway, Typeface, and Celestial raised > $100 million.

  • Google wants AI that can unlearn the data it was trained on.

  • OpenAI is being sued for scraping copyrighted data.

AI Startups Are Raising Massive Rounds 💰

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Yesterday, Inflection raised $1.3 billion from the likes of Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Nvidia for its personal AI, Pi. This is the 4th largest fundraising round in AI … ever.

  • $1.3 billion is staggering for a company that just recently launched its chatbot (our take: it’s cooler, slower, and more personable than ChatGPT).

  • Inflection plans to acquire a whopping 22,000 of Nvidia GPUs to build the largest GPU collection for an AI application … ever.

The money train doesn’t stop there!

  • Runway secured a $141 million Series C for its tech-to-video tools.

  • Typeface scooped up $100 million to help enterprises personalize content.

  • Celestial AI raised $100 million for its photonics platform.

  • Light Years Beyond, a vying “OpenAI for China”, was acquired by Meituan for a whooping $234 million.

Why it matters: Generative AI startups are raking in the big bucks, raising over $14 billion in the first 5 months of 2023 compared to $4.8 billion in all of 2022.

It’s got us wondering: is a bubble forming?


Record once. Gan.ai will personalize your video for millions.

For the first time ever, celebrity brand ambassadors and sales reps can now engage with infinite consumers simultaneously all in their real-human form - no avatars!

Here’s the lowdown on a lip-syncing tech being used by big brands like Samsung and Zomato.

Gan.ai can send a consumer a personalized copy of a sales pitch that seems like it was specially recorded for them (with their name, location, purchasing context, etc).

And when consumers feel special, they engage on a whole new level: 10x increase in engagement, 5x increase in video completion rate, and 3x increase in conversions.

WTF Is Machine (Un)Learning?!

Models like ChatGPT learn from data we throw at it.

But here’s the catch: AI is like that one friend who never forgets a secret. This can be a problem if we fed AI outdated, biased, or sensitive information.

Getting AI to “unlearn” information is tricky.

Completely retraining a model is costly, and even if you erase data from a database, AI can still infer what data it learned.

To tackle this issue, Google is launching the first ever “Machine Unlearning Challenge” to develop solutions for unlearning.

Why it matters: Privacy is a big hurdle in AI for many companies where data is delicate. We’re excited to see what folks come up with!

Around the Horn 🦄

  • A group of mainstream media outlets including NYT and WSJ are discussing forming a coalition to address AI’s effect on media.

  • GPT-4 is nearly as good as human tutors at teaching programming.

  • An Interview with Marc Andreessen about AI and How You Change the World (Stratechery).

  • How to build your own Discord/Slack bot using Supabase and OpenAI's GPT to help support teams.

  • OpenAI is being sued in a class-action lawsuit for scraping copyrighted data to train its models.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Chatsonic is a ChatGPT wrapper with real-time data, images, and voice search.

  • Userdesk lets you train a customer support chatbot on your Notion data.

  • Kick Resume is an all-in-one resume builder powered by GPT-4.

  • Framer builds entire websites from text prompts (check out our video on it!).

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Friday Faculty 🤝

Recently laid off? Your new job in AI awaits you…

  1. Safety Team @ Inflection AI.

  2. Sr. Product Manager @ Runway.

  3. IT Infrastructure Engineer @ Celestial AI.

  4. Senior Data Scientists (ML) @ Discord.

  5. Controller (Finance) @ Descript.

If your AI startup is hiring, DM us a link, and we’ll throw you on this next week!

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