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  • 😺 Our honest thoughts on automation

😺 Our honest thoughts on automation

PLUS: It's not just "low-value" workers feeling the heat

Welcome, humans.

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Alright, enough with the plugs for today—I don't want you to start thinking we're like the Kardashians! Let's get to the important stuff…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • AI is starting to automate some freelance gigs.

  • OpenAI's CTO Mira Murati dropped eyebrow-raising comments about AI.

  • Meta is mistakenly slapping real photos with “Made with AI” disclaimers.

  • Apple's holding off on launching Apple Intelligence in the EU due to regulatory worries.

AI's already automating certain job types.

Here’s something a Trader Joe’s cashier shared with me yesterday at checkout while I was itching to dig into my Scandinavian swimmers: “I’m anxious about AI taking jobs”.

This is a very common feeling—30% of workers worldwide are concerned that AI might replace their jobs.

As we’ve discussed before, we believe multiple truths can exist at once:

  1. AI isn’t yet replacing millions of jobs en masse.

  2. That’s because today’s AI isn’t good enough to do most people’s entire jobs—you still need humans in the loop.

  3. BUT, AI is good enough to do parts of people’s jobs really well, like handling customer support inquiries.

  4. So, in the short term, AI will replace job tasks, not entire jobs.

Yet, some people’s job consist solely of a single job task that AI can perform exceptionally well. For instance, Klarna developed a customer support bot that did the work of 700 full-time human agents.

Another sector feeling AI’s pinch: freelancing.

One analysis showed a 30.4% and 20.6% drop in freelance gigs for repetitive writing and coding tasks, respectively, since ChatGPT came on the scene.

And it's not just job availability that's taking a hit—compensation for low-value tasks (i.e., repetitive, routine) is also declining:

While these routine tasks face the most significant AI impact, some creatives are also feeling the pressure. The WSJ recently featured Reid Southen, a concept artist for films, who's seen substantial work lost to AI tools like Midjourney.

Related listening: Last week, OpenAI’s CTO Mira Murati mentioned that while AI might enhance creative work, “Some creative jobs maybe will go away, but maybe they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” Safe to say, this comment didn't sit well with many…

Are you worried about AI taking your job in the next five years?

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Around the Horn.

  • Apple won’t be launching Apple Intelligence in the European Union any time soon due to concerns about the EU’s regulations.

  • Because of AI, data centers across the US are expected to consume 8% of the total power supply, a significant jump from just 3% in 2022.

  • Meta is mistakenly slapping “Made with AI” disclaimers on real photos, frustrating users.

  • Stability AI has welcomed a new CEO and secured a financial “bailout” from ex-Facebook President Sean Parker.

  • OpenAI acquired Rockeset, a real-time analytics database.

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