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Sometimes it feels like AI (& the world) is moving fast—too fast. It gets overwhelming, even for us.

One piece we always recommend to folks is The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence by Tim Urban from 2015 (!). It breaks down AI and its future in a way that calms us like a CBD gummy before bed.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Klarna's AI customer support agent did the work of 700 agents.

  • ChatGPT-4 remains the top chatbot on the market.

  • Glean AI secured $200M at a whopping $2.2B valuation (!).

  • GitHub Copilot is now available for Enterprises!

Klarna’s customer support AI did the job of 700 full-time agents…


Yeah, and it’s quite the tale:

Klarna, a payment processing firm, often deals with customer issues like refunds, returns, and cancellations.

So Klarna built an AI assistant using ChatGPT that’s on call 24/7 and fluent in 35+ languages to tackle these problems. The results?

  • The assistant handled 2.3M conversations, equal to the work of *700 full-time human agents*.

  • Issues were resolved 7x quicker.

  • Repeat inquiries dropped by 25%.

  • Customer satisfaction remained stable.

The wildest part: the AI assistant is predicted to boost Klarna’s profits by an extra $40M in 2024.

Why it matters: Holy cow.

We've been hyping up the 'AI in customer support' use case for over a year, and just yesterday, we said word for word: “automating customer-facing teams using AI is totally going to happen”.

Now it’s here, for real.

Just to be clear, we’re neither cheering nor jeering this—it's simply the astonishing reality of the productivity gains AI is starting to bring to customer support.


Have an AI idea but don’t know how to build it? 

Hire world-class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and MIT. 

If you know AI should be a part of your business but don’t know how to implement it, you need AE Studio.

Their team is stacked with elite software creators who can turn any AI/ML concept into reality for your business—think automated reports, NLP, custom chatbots, and beyond. 

They’ve helped businesses create products like AI clothing marketplaces and a chatbot for historical figures (seriously, check out how cool some of these products are). 

ChatGPT-4 is still the top dog.

A full year has passed since OpenAI launched ChatGPT-4 (3/14/23), yet it still dominates the field. It’s the LeBron of chatbots.

Despite a smorgasbord of upgrades from competitors like Meta, Mistral, Anthropic, xAI, and especially Google, ChatGPT-4 outshines them all in writing, reasoning, coding, and other work-related activities.

Google Trends

Why it matters:

  1. The most productive thing your company can do is buy ChatGPT-4 for all employees.

  2. OpenAI’s lead may be bigger than we think.

Google’s upcoming Gemini 1.5 Pro could be the first real threat to ChatGPT-4 with its huge context upload feature, but last week taught us to temper our expectations when it comes to the Googlers.

Plus, OpenAI is likely building a *much* more powerful version of ChatGPT that, according to Uncle Sam Altman, will be “better at everything across the board.”

This means that once the other chatbots catch up, OpenAI might release a breakthrough that makes them all outdated again!

Around the Horn.

a taste of its own medicine!

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. Moonshot AI, a Chinese AI company building models with big context, raised >$1B at a $2.5B valuation.

  2. Glean, a search tool for a business’s info, raised $200M at a $2.2B valuation.

  3. Abridge, an AI that transcribes doctor-patient convos, raised $150M.

  4. Intenseye, which uses AI to detect unsafe work conditions, secured $64 million.

  5. Inkitt, a platform that helps people self-publish stories with help from AI, snagged $37M.

  6. Myko AI, an AI that answers questions from sales data, raised $2.7M.

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