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PLUS: Corporate America loves AI (shocker)

Welcome, humans.

Just walked around a public library and half the people had ChatGPT up and running. Ah, the irony—a public library packed with endless books that no one touches cause they’ve got on-demand info via a chatbot.

This whole scene took me back to lunchtime at NYC’s public schools. The offerings were so heinous (picture: plastic cheese that doesn’t melt) that every kid just opted to pack their own lunch.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT can now chat with PDFs.

  • Corporations are racing to equip their workers with AI tools.

  • Google will invest up to $2B into Anthropic.

  • Biden is expected to pass an executive order on AI to protect workers.

Say Goodbye to Endless Document Scrolling.

ChatGPT-4 can now summarize PDFs.

First spotted on X Twitter, this feature is set to roll out to Plus users soon.

Big news for ChatGPT-4, but also not new.

Claude.ai already lets you summarize and chat with 100-page PDFs quite effectively. We’ve been using it to extract data, keywords, and stats from industry reports and research.

Claude’s advantage over ChatGPT-4 is that it has an insanely large context window—you can upload up to 75,000 words, basically a Harry Potter novel.

OpenAI: “hehe no biggie”!

ChatGPT’s advantage over Claude is that it still boasts hundreds of millions of loyal users and outperforms Claude on most measures. We’ll be testing ChatGPT’s PDF feature for…

  • the accuracy of the summaries

  • the size of the PDFs you can upload.

…that is, once we get access.

A few scenarios where this feature comes in handy: summarizing/extracting info from contracts, reports, earnings calls, and customer feedback.

Pro tip: always ask ChatGPT-4/Claude to cite its answers so it doesn’t BS you. And if you’re using Claude, we recommend uploading PDFs in 15-page chunks for the most detailed summaries.


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Companies don’t celebrate people with ideas, they celebrate the people who build those ideas.

The secret to becoming that person?

No-Code x AI: build a prototype or MVP to test a new idea without writing any code. I repeat: NO CODE!

This is a chance for you to add tangible value to your team, so you can iterate and grow faster.

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Corporate America Is Banking On AI To Boost Productivity.

If you tuned into John Oliver’s brutal roast of McKinsey, you'd know what Corporate America puts above all else.

Social impact. Employee well-being. Sustainability.


And one way to end up with more money is to adopt AI, so it seems.

This is why your favorite corporations began the year by banning any trace of ChatGPT … only to now welcome it with open arms cause they smell the Benjamins.

A recent study found that BCG consultants equipped with ChatGPT-4 completed 12% more tasks, worked 25% faster, and achieved 40% higher-quality results.

Clearly, the execs at Citigroup are Neuron readers. They’re the latest bank to encourage workers to use AI for productivity gains.

Why it matters: The "do-more-with-less" ethos is all the rage on Wall Street, and AI is the game changer.

Citigroup. PwC. Goldman. McKinsey. Morgan Stanley.

They're all in a mad dash to integrate AI into daily workflows. So, take a cue and start tinkering with AI, which starts by snagging a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Around the Horn.

  • AI engineers: how to hire them, how to become one, & more on The Cognitive Revolution.

  • A guide on how to get started building atop Llama.

  • Biden’s executive order on AI is expected to direct federal agencies to keep tabs on risks and defend worker rights.

  • Google will invest up to $2B into Anthropic (creator of Claude).

Treat To Try.

Pika Labs (no—not inspired by Pikachu) is on our radar big time as the next-best text-to-video company.

They revamped a 41-second skincare ad in less than a day—while the original version required 30 folks and a whole month to produce.

The output also looks better than anything we’ve seen from Runway ML…

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Monday Meme.

A Cat's Commentary.

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