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PLUS: insane early reports on Gemini, Google's ChatGPT rival

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According to Walter Isaacson’s latest biography, Elon Musk sometimes has moments that are referred to as “demon mode”.

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Consultants are more productive with ChatGPT-4.

  • Google is testing Gemini, its ChatGPT rival.

  • BCG is partnering with Anthropic to access its latest models.

  • A prompting technique called “Chain of Density” is better at summarizing.

ChatGPT-4 Makes Consultants More Productive & Effective.

Consultants using ChatGPT-4 outperform those not using ChatGPT-4 in every way, a la a fresh study.

BCG consultants were given 18 consulting tasks, like “Draft a press release marketing copy for your product.”

Those with access to ChatGPT-4 completed 12% more tasks, finished tasks 25% faster, and achieved 40% higher quality results. Triple threat!

Nothing new here. Here’s what really tinkled our noggins:

1. AI helped the worst consultants the most. The bottom-half of consultants saw a 43% boost with AI, compared to just 17% for the high-fliers.

We witnessed a similar trend with customer support agents back in April. Seems AI is the great equalizer…

2. AI is bad when relied upon too much. BCG threw in one curveball task that was “too hard” for ChatGPT-4 to answer. Those with ChatGPT-4 at their disposal actually performed worse on this task.

Why it matters: The proof is in the (chocolate) pudding: AI supercharges productivity. This is why we urge companies to reimburse ChatGPT-4 subscriptions for their entire team—mind the privacy guidelines.

But caution employees against becoming too AI-reliant, ‘cause those that do can become careless and less accurate, kinda like us with a TI-84 back in the dayz.


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Google’s Legit ChatGPT Rival Is Being Tested.

A handful of companies are testing Gemini, Google’s ChatGPT competitor.

The hype is real, with some early testers making bold claims that it’s “on par with” or even surpasses GPT-4.

Here’s everything we know about Gemini so far…

  • Gemini is trained on all of Google’s proprietary data (i.e., what you do online), so it could be less prone to hallucinations and more up-to-date.

  • Neat potential perks: 1. using text/voice commands to navigate Google or other websites. 2. having a chart/visual explained.

  • Gemini might roll out to companies first through Cloud Vertex AI before hitting the wider market.

  • (Side note: "Gemini" sure has a better ring to it than "ChatGPT", don't you think?)

This is all speculation, of course, and Google has been tailing OpenAI in the AI race so far.

One thing is clear: if they want our attention, it better be better than Bard. Now try saying that fast five times!

Around the Horn.

  • DeepMind cofounder: the future is interactive AI — bots that complete tasks by calling on other software/people.

  • WSJ spotlight of Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott and his quest to position Microsoft at the forefront of the AI revolution.

  • BCG is partnering with Anthropic to receive firsthand access to its latest models.

  • AI could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new research paper.

Treat To Try.

Researchers have unveiled a fresh prompting method named “Chain of Density” that delivers top-tier summaries:

Grab the prompt right here!

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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