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Mistral, the self-proclaimed “OpenAI of Europe,” is set to raise an additional $300M! Word on the street is that the Parisian startup has two very important additions to its Q4 roadmap:

  1. vision software that detects how stylishly you're wearing your beret.

  2. AI-crafted recipes for the perfect chocolate-infused croissants.

Only in France! #jk

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • President Joe Biden signed an executive order on AI governance.

  • Poe now lets users build chatbots and cash in when people use them.

  • G7 countries agreed on a code of conduct for AI.

  • 1,000 writers signed a petition to protect journalists from AI.

The US Released An Executive Order For AI.

Yesterday, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order (EO) on AI.

no kidding, it felt somewhat AI-generated.

Anyway, it’s the US’ first significant legislative move to set boundaries on powerful AI systems. The order reads like a laundry list of every AI concern under the sun:

  • “Protect against … using AI to engineer dangerous biological materials.”

  • “Protect … from AI-enabled fraud.”

  • “Address algorithmic discrimination.”

Fair points, all of them—but the proof will be in the real-world execution.

The big disagreement revolves around the guidelines AI developers must adhere to while training next-gen models like GPT-5.

The order mentions that “powerful AI systems” must disclose safety testing outcomes (think: ChatGPT not spouting hate speech), but it doesn’t mandate companies to reveal how they trained their models.

In layman’s terms: the cake needs to be safe to eat, but you don’t need to tell us how you baked it.

…which has sparked two reactions:

  1. Companies like OpenAI should be compelled to disclose the nitty-gritty of their training data (e.g., does it include copyrighted books?).

  2. These regulations could just benefit Big Tech and create additional obstacles for new players (hello, regulatory capture).

Also, there are a bunch of hidden gems in the order, such as helping highly-skilled immigrants stay and work in the US. OH, the US is also on an AI talent hiring spree to bring the government into the 21st century (finally).


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Poe Wants To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Chatbots.

Poe is trying to be the “App Store for Chatbots”.

Whether you want a chatbot for work, therapy, or entertainment, Poe is a one-stop shop—for $16.67 a month, of course.

Pretty standard.

Last week Poe announced that anyone can create their own chatbot on the platform and get paid when folks use it.

This is pretty cool … but it all hinges on one big “if”: talking to chatbots will become a legit thing people do.

Character AI’s success seems to suggest it’s headed that way, but consider us skeptics for now…

Around the Horn.

  • 1,000 writers signed a petition demanding media companies never replace “a human worker with an AI tool”…

  • Meta’s Chief AI Scientist on regulatory capture and why open-source matters. sick job title btw.

  • Thread: Students are cheating with AI because you haven't updated your assignments to align with the realities of the AI age.

  • G7 countries agreed on a code of conduct for AI companies to follow.

This Should (Probably) Exist.

LinkedIn is a breeding ground for two types of posts:

  1. The humble brag ("I'm so humbled and honored blah blah blah...").

  2. Folks sharing their latest learnings.

While the latter is totally cool by us, some people just love to complicate simple things with fancy language.

That’s why we’re pitching this: A feature that translates those verbose posts into plain, easy-to-digest English.

Calling all LinkedIn PMs to put this one on the Q4 roadmap!

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