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PLUS: Kids use this AI app 2 HOURS A DAY!

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Apple is set to dish out $1B/year to catch up in AI, which sounds like a lot until you remember Apple has $167B on hand (plus the sky-high interest!).

Kinda like us spending $4 on an iced latte to get pumped up for the day — that table stakes Tim Cook!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Canva released an AI suite for teachers and schools.

  • Talking to AI companions is becoming a real thing.

  • There are way too many ChatGPT wrappers; we designed a solution.

  • The FTC might investigate AI robocalls.

Canva Dropped A Ton Of AI Goodies To Make Teaching Easier.

Canva just launched a complete suite of tools for the 93% of educators who don’t where to start with AI. Teachers are about to learn just why students love AI so much…

1. The platform literally helps teachers get started, with thousands of ready-to-use lessons and resources including those icebreaker activities we all despise.

2. The secret sauce(s) are all the ways to customize lessons thanks to Canva’s new AI suite. 

  • rewrite any content.

  • animate your slides.

  • reformat lessons into other formats like song lyrics.

  • translate material into 100+ languages.

3. The cherry on top is a design accessibility expert that flags any issues in your lesson. Stuff like “your font is too small” or “that headline makes zero sense”.

Why it matters: So far, teachers have had a hate-hate relationship with AI, and part of that is ‘cause there have been no AI tools to really streamline their workload.

Classroom Magic by Canva is the first A+ teaching tool.

And for everyone else, ChatGPT is a great way to learn about topics that don’t make sense at first glance.

Just fire off the "explain this to me like I'm 5" prompt, and hope no one's peeping over your shoulder! 🤫


When 41% Of Your Work Day Is Lost To Admin, Use This:

Paying attention?

We’re all too familiar with the headache of monotonous work tasks. Excel. Salesforce. Yawn!

The story is too familiar for sales folks: reviewing customer calls, writing follow-ups, battling with CRMs…a whopping 41% of your day swallowed by non-selling tasks!

At The Neuron, we’ve already automated parts of our sales funnel.

Attention is set to automate the rest. This AI wizard can:

  1. Log crucial data in your CRM.

  2. Write follow-up emails.

  3. Track guidance.

Plus, they feed insights that have pulled in an extra $250k in ARR per rep.

Kids Might Love This AI App More Than ChatGPT.

Let’s play a guessing game. This AI unicorn:

  1. Ranks as the 173rd most visited website in the world.

  2. Boasts an average user engagement of 2 hours per day.

  3. Has the highest retention of any AI app.

You'd think we're talking about OpenAI, right? Wrong.

It's an app where users can talk with chatbots designed to mimic various personalities. There are chatbots that sound like Socrates, Elon Musk, and Mario, to name a few.

Yup, that’s it … and Character AI is in talks to raise at a >$5B valuation soon. WTF!

Why it matters: Every adult we talk to thinks it’s super bizarre, but kiddos are absolutely in love with it. We’ve recently seen tons of tweets about kids using it obsessively during school.

Weird or not, Character AI is proving that there’s a real future populated with digital companions, especially as GenZ grapples with an intensifying loneliness pandemic. The movie Her may not have been pure fiction after all…

Around the Horn.

  • Expect more politicians to use AI in this upcoming election cycle popularity contest.

  • The FCC wants to know if AI makes robocalls worse.

  • Insta is testing an AI feature that morphs your photos into custom stickers.

  • Senator Chuck Schumer is hosting another AI forum for tech experts today.

This Should Probably Exist.

Welcome back to another installment of things that should totally exist now that generative AI is a thing.

So many of the AI tools we see pop up today are just GPT Wrappers — sites that use ChatGPT on the backend but take a new look.

Often, they're just useless, dolled-up ChatGPT copycats, but occasionally one proves genuinely useful.

We’d love it if there was a tool that allows you to simply plug in a website's URL to check if it's just a gimmick.

Someone, please create this…and for the love of AI, don’t make a GPT wrapper!

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