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PLUS: Perplexity is coming for you, Google...

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An AI recreation of Elvis Presley is set for a VR comeback later this year. Interesting tidbit: the 'King of Rock and Roll' famously failed music class as a kid. So, for all you unabashed shower crooners, remember, there's hope for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • New research discovered 26 better ways to speak to ChatGPT.

  • Jeff Bezos invested in Perplexity’s $74M round.

  • Windows 11 PCs will include a “Copilot” key on their keyboards.

  • OpenAI is launching its GPT Store next week.

26 (NEW) prompt engineering hacks for ChatGPT.

For the Average Joe, ChatGPT is not so easy to use well.

It’s a blank slate, meaning you have to clearly explain your wants, which can involve a lot of back-and-forth and context setting. OpenAI is aware of this UX friction, and conversing should get easier over time as ChatGPT better retains past convos.

Fortunately, there's research-driven guidance on how to optimize your ChatGPT interactions, aka prompt engineering.

Back in November, we discussed research on how tapping into ChatGPT’s emotional side gets it to try harder to do what you want.

It’s like how you’d tell a kid, “broccoli will give you superpowers,” vs. “broccoli maintains good gut health.”

Last week, researchers published another 26 principles that motivate chatbots to respond more effectively. It includes some broad principles like assigning roles to AI, as well as specific phrasings like:

  • There is no need to be polite with an LLM; get straight to the point.

  • Add “I’m going to tip $xxx for a better solution!”

  • Use leading words like writing “think step by step”.

  • Incorporate the following phrases: “Your task is”, “You MUST”, and “You will be penalized IF”

  • Use the phrase, ”Answer a question given in a natural, human-like manner”.

We recommend selecting the principles applicable to you, and adding them to your Custom Instructions in ChatGPT (how-to). Also, be sure to check out OpenAI’s own six prompt engineering strategies.


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Perplexity is building what Google is dreaming up.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed an onslaught of so-called “Google killers” that never truly materialize like DuckDuckGo and Neeva.

The issue: they’ve tried to beat Google at its own game (blue links). But hey, it's 2024, and the game has changed.

Enter AI search.

Ask a question → Receive a summarized answer, ask follow-ups, etc.

Perplexity, an AI search engine we use regularly, is, so far, beating Google at this game. Compared to Google’s experimental SGE and Bing, Perplexity is:

  • is way faster.

  • better at citing answers.

  • more personalized.

  • & hallucinates less.

It’s no surprise that Perplexity has 10M monthly users and just raised a fresh $74M from backers like Jeff Bezos (remember his $250K Google investment in 1998, which would be worth $4.8B today?!).

Congrats to the team on a great product!

Around the Horn.


  • Windows 11 PC keyboards will feature a new key that directs straight to Copilot, its AI assistant.

  • OpenAI’s GPT-specific App Store launches next week.

  • Google may be developing a more advanced, paid version of Bard.

  • OpenAI is reportedly offering some media outlets $1-5M to license their articles for its AI models.

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Friday Faculty.

  1. PR/Comms Lead @ Adept AI (SF).

  2. Software Engineer @ Rabbit (LA/remote).

  3. Engineering & accounting roles @ Shield AI.

  4. 15+ technical roles @ RunwayML (NY/remote).

  5. Visual Designer @ Typeface (Palo Alto or Seattle).

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