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PLUS: The Falcon has landed with 180 billion parameters.

Welcome, humans.

Quick PSA: The term is "AI." No need for "artificial intelligence" (hey, nerds), "A.I." (looking at you, perfectionists), or "Ai" (hi, newcomers).

And yes, we disagree to disagree on this one. :)

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Intuit, HubSpot, and Zoom all announced new AI features.

  • Abu Dhabi’s open-source model Falcon 180B outperforms Llama 2.

  • Apple is pouring millions into new, undisclosed AI products.

  • OpenAI is staging its first developer conference in November in SF.

The Software Providers You’re Using Might Adopt AI For You.

Houston, we have a problem: while 72% of organizations want to adopt AI, only 14% have already done it.

The problem: figuring out how to weave AI into existing work processes.

The good news? You might not have to integrate AI into your workflows; instead, your workflows might integrate AI for you.

Translation: your go-to SaaS is adding AI layers to your existing services—no need to start from scratch!

Breaking news this week:

  • Intuit announced that all its kids — TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp — will each get an AI assistant tailored to you.

  • HubSpot supercharged its platform with a slew of AI tools for marketing, sales, and customer support.

  • Zoom announced its AI companion that can summarize meetings, draft action items, and provide presentation feedback.

Why it matters: The software you use today has an edge because it can seamlessly introduce AI where you’re already working. Take TurboTax’s AI, which answers tax questions based on your specific situation.

As for emerging AI-for-work solutions? They’ll take a new look and upgrade the user experience in a host of different ways. They’re coming, but for now the most impactful tools are mostly those you already use.


Pair Your Business’ Data With ChatGPT (While In Private Mode).

ChatGPT is like a corporate consultant who knows nothing about your business.

ChatGPT + DreamFactory is like an in-house advisor that knows everything about your business.

What’s DreamFactory?

DreamFactory is a magical ChatGPT plugin generator that enables you to connect your business data to ChatGPT through APIs ( code that translates your data to the AI).

DreamFactory is built with securing in mind, so no one else can see your API unless you want them to.

Open-Source Gets A New Leader Called Falcon 180B.

The Abu Dhabi government launched Falcon 180B, an open-source model that flies in the face of Meta’s Llama 2.

We get it: open-source sounds like a bunch of nerd talk.

But the truth is, open-source — code that anyone can see and use — is crucial for companies aiming to train AI on their proprietary data.

For example, Open Interpreter is an open-source version of ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis (prev. Code Interpreter).

The upsides:

  • It’s private: Running your own model means your data stays in-house. IT teams, start your happy dance! 🎵

  • It’s cheaper: You get near GPT-4 quality without the monthly spend (let alone the $100K+/year ChatGPT Enterprise might cost).

  • It’s predictable: OpenAI can change its models whenever, which is why ChatGPT can suddenly respond differently to the same prompt. Open-source models give you complete control.

The downsides? As it stands, open-source is mostly worse than closed-source. Code Interpreter beats Open Interpreter, ChatGPT-4 beats Llama, and Midjourney beats Stable Diffusion.

This could change, and open-source is quickly closing the gap...

Around the Horn.

  • OpenAI is hosting its first developer conference on November 6 in SF.

  • Inside Elon Musk’s struggle for the future of AI by famous biographer Walter Isaacson.

  • Apple is dishing out millions of dollars daily to develop new AI products.

  • Nearly 1/5 of all global venture investments in the past year have gone into AI.

  • The prestigious AI Grant announced its second batch, feat. 29 startups.

Treat To Try.

AI video generators are all the rage right now, even if the video quality is more watercolor than 4K at the moment.

Pika is a new player gunning for Hollywood greatness. Much like Runway, you simply type in a short scene description and, voila, you get a snippet of video in return.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Thursday Trivia.

There’s a new AI model that’s specially trained to create realistic skin. So, trivia buffs, you might want to squint a little harder this time.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one is AI and one is real.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary.

Trivia answer: A is AI (creds) B is real!

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