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Shoutout to all the brilliant women shaping AI. Without them, we'd probably have chatbots who can't stop ranting about last night's game. Dedicating this newsletter to you!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • More women hold jobs that are more exposed to automation.

  • Only 26% of data & AI roles are filled by women.

  • Tech leaders pushed for AI regulation in their closed-door forum.

  • Arm, which designs AI chips, had a stellar IPO.

Women: Underrepresented In AI’s Jobs & Chatbots.

Web Summit

One thing that stood out during Chuck Schumer's AI gathering? The stark lack of mentions of women. And no, Elon's quip about Zuck being a "soft little girl" doesn't count (only kidding!).

On a serious note, women comprise just 26% of data and AI roles in the workforce, according to the World Economic Forum.

And at the same time, AI is expected to disproportionately impact women in the economy compared to men.

  • A Goldman Sachs report found that 79% of women are highly exposed to AI automation, compared to just 58% of men.

  • This is mostly ‘cause women occupy more white-collar jobs, such as office and administrative support (think payroll, HR, & accounting).

Why it matters: AI impacts everyone, but it’s not being built by everyone … and we’re already seeing problems as a result. For instance, both ChatGPT and Midjourney are more likely to generate men when asked for a tech founder/CEO.

While we might not have a silver bullet solution, we do want to spotlight several remarkable women shaping AI's future:


ChatGPT That Knows Your Sales Data Is Here.

Tom is a CRO.

Like everyone, Tom knows that her company should generate more money. This means closing more deals (ahem, sales teams). And this means better sales data.

That’s why Tom uses Ponyrun, the “ChatGPT for your sales data”.

You get insights about anything related to deals, clientele, or money:

  • Top 10 yet-to-close deals for Q3.

  • Active deals with a high chance of closing.

  • The rep & team behind a specific deal.

More data = more insights = more deals = more money = more smiles from your boss.

How To Automate Annoying Workflows Using ChatGPT & Zapier.

Zapier was doing automation before it was cool.

For those unfamiliar, Zapier connects your work apps and automates tasks between ‘em. For instance, you can use Zapier to draft emails to people who fill out a form.

Now, Zapier is on steroids ‘cause ChatGPT can summarize, write, or dissect data before it gets sent off. It’s automation2.

Here are a few of our fav Zapier automations:

  • Draft email responses in Microsoft Outlook with ChatGPT (link).

  • ChatGPT transforming Slack messages into Notion tasks (link).

  • Using ChatGPT to send tailor-made emails to every Calendly invitee (link).

Hey Alexa, queue Happier by Ed Sheeran.

Only a month we've been apart since you’ve used Zapier. 🎶
Yeah, you look happier, you do. 🎶

Around the Horn.

  • Here's the scoop on what tech leaders told US senators about AI behind closed doors.

  • The top 50 generative AI platforms ranked by monthly web visits (hint: ChatGPT leads the pack by miles).

  • Yesterday, Arm, the AI chip design guru, pulled off the biggest IPO in almost two years.

  • Apple is subtly putting AI behind your iPhone apps.

Treat To Try.

Deciphering most legal documents is like trying to understand Parseltongue or Sindari: it’s a skill reserved for the gifted.

Here’s a great prompt to understand confusing legal agreements, courtesy of HyperWrite CEO Matt Shumer.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Friday Faculty.

  1. Internships and apprenticeships @ Arm (for students & youngins!).

  2. Media Relations, Europe Lead @ OpenAI (new Dublin office!).

  3. Software Engineer, Frontend Audio Team @ Stability AI.

  4. 37 open positions @ Adobe Firefly.

  5. Chief of Staff @ Imbue (SF).

A Cat's Commentary.

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