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PLUS: How to win in a world of scammy AI content

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Reddit is buzzing with an amusing trend that pushes AI to the limit by making images "more" of something (e.g. make this bunny happier…then happier…). We challenged ChatGPT to make a nerd look nerdier and it spat out a picture of us from our high school yearbooks. Seriously?!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • An AI heist raked in 3.6M views—and the internet is fuming.

  • 18 countries signed an international agreement on AI safety.

  • OpenAI and Microsoft are being sued for copyright infringement…again.

  • We designed a hilarious feature that could’ve averted the OpenAI debacle!

AI-generated content is now topping Google Search results...

Meet Jake, Twitter's latest villain (only second to Adam D'Angelo). Jake stole 3.6M views from a competitor using 100% AI-generated content:

Here’s the crazy story (& why it matters to you):

  1. Jake and co. dug up URLs that a rival was ranking for in Google's search results.

  2. Using these URLs, they had ChatGPT whip up 1,800 articles (!) on these same topics in just a few hours.

  3. Lo and behold, Google began favoring these articles for the same searches, netting Jake’s site a whopping 3.6M views.

Twitter. Absolutely. Erupted.

Many lambasted Jake for being a “jackass” making the internet “unuseable” with “scammy” blog posts. Others said “job well done”.

Here’s our take: This is mostly negative for the health of the internet, but, TBH, a lot of SEO content already sounds like it's AI-generated.

(and, for the record, Google doesn’t outright penalize AI content, as per its blog).

The larger, more important question is: what happens to online content when 100% AI-generated stuff can top Google Search results?

We think readers will be able to spot AI fluff, but businesses will need to adjust their strategies to stay visible (check out our advice below)…


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Content businesses need to adapt or die.


More AI content on Google = harder to get discovered online = blog-only content is fast becoming a losing game.

Our take on the winning content strategy? Invest more in what's unique and tough to replicate—think "anti-AI" content.

This means leaning into audio and video content like TikTok/YouTube/podcasts.

But, it's mainly about crafting truly original content.

There's a growing appetite for content that sounds unmistakably human...perhaps like an AI newsletter peppered with the occasional grammmatical hiccup…

Around the Horn.

  • Sports Illustrated got caught publishing articles by phantom “authors” who were actually AI—though they denied orchestrating it.

  • 18 countries including the US signed the “first detailed international agreement” on AI safety.

  • OpenAI and Microsoft are being sued (once again) for training AI models on an author’s copyrighted work.

  • Some custom GPTs are already racking up tens of thousands of uses.

This Should (Probably) Exist.

In hindsight, so many things could’ve averted the OpenAI debacle. For instance, this hilarious idea:


And since we can't resist a good Tweet, here’s our spin on bringing this concept to life:

I’m not sure OpenAI’s four determined board members would’ve listened to a chatbot—better yet Bard.

But who knows? Maybe it could have made them rethink the repercussions of their decision to let Sam go…food for thought!

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