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PLUS: How to use AI to summarize meetings (Zoom, Teams, GMeet)

Welcome, humans.

The share of Americans who have used ChatGPT for work has more than doubled from 8% to 20% since last March. It’s not a lot, but it’s not nothing.

Just another reminder that this whole AI thing won’t happen overnight, and we’ll be here keeping you on the cutting edge for years and years until we finally end up in a techno-utopia. Yeah, no doomsday on our watch…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • HeyGen’s AI avatars are becoming much harder to identify as AI…

  • Three tools that can summarize all your meetings.

  • Amazon invested another $2.75B in Anthropic!

  • A new personal AI called “EVI” just raised $50M.

AI-generated videos are becoming alarmingly good.

Ready for a crazy story?

Meet Beck, who caused a sensation by tweeting a video of an AI-generated person that sounded eerily lifelike.

Plot twist: the AI character was actually a real individual named Arial who does gig videos on Fiverr.

Or at least that’s what some are saying. Beck retorted, insisting the video is predominantly AI-driven because HeyGen’s lip-syncing technology enables Arial to say anything.

TBH, we’re baffled—diving into this rabbithole left us more confused than when we started.

One clear takeaway? The intensity of people’s debate over the video's ‘realness’ underscores just how indistinguishable AI videos are from reality.

Then we saw this video from HeyGen:

In short, they created the ability to take any video clip of someone speaking into a new one where the subject can say anything in any language, all while maintaining their original body movement and tone.


This breakthrough is a game-changer, offering endless applications for creating custom video content, from advertising to sales pitches to TikTok videos.


They’re building conscious AI. Work with them on your product, too.

85% of all AI projects fail, but theirs succeed.

AE Studio likes solving really hard problems. 

And we mean really hard problems like AI alignment (making sure AI doesn’t kill us all). 

So, for your ambitious AI plans, AE Studio is your best bet.

They’ve delivered AI solutions for all sorts of clients: early-stage startups, Fortune 500, AI, blockchain, e2e product development, machine learning algorithms for BCI, and basically any tech buzzword you can think of. 

How to summarize meetings using AI.

One of the most glaringly obvious use cases in AI: meeting summaries. Gone are the days of old-school pen and paper.

For Zoom power users, use Companion AI (here’s a how-to). Our test run was impressive—it emailed a comprehensive meeting summary immediately after we clicked “Leave Meeting”.

Zoom AI Companion

We haven’t shifted to Zoom Pro since our meeting frequency doesn’t justify it. However, if endless Zoom meetings are still your reality (feels very COVID-era, doesn’t it?), Zoom’s AI Companion is worth a try here.

For Microsoft Teams users, try Intelligent recap (requires Teams Premium).

And for Google Meet users, you can use the Otter AI Chrome extension. Sadly the Googlers took too much PTO this winter which means we're still waiting on native meeting summaries.

Around the Horn.

  • Apple teased major AI announcements (dubbed “Absolutely Incredible”) for June 10-14.

  • OpenAI is partnering with GPT builders to test how people can earn from creating GPTs.

  • Amazon will invest another $2.75B in Anthropic. That B, aka BILLION.

  • Databricks claims that its open-source model is the new market leader.

  • 72% of people voted on a Twitter poll that they only use GPT-4 over custom GPTs.

Treat To Try

Hume AI just announced EVI, an “empathetic AI” that talks to you like your therapist would…or at least that’s the idea.

It’s similar to Pi, with the big sell being that it can pick up on your expressions, tones, and emotions to be most supportive.

It’s pretty remarkable:

We don’t know exactly what the applications of this are (yet), but it feels like a natural extension of interacting with chatbots. Next it’ll be speaking to them, whether it’s an AI Socrates, therapist, companion, or some sort of assistant like in the movie Her.

Hume just raised $50M and EVI will be publicly available in April!

Thursday Trivia.

If you haven’t already checked out OpenAI’s latest Sora videos, do so ASAP here. We’re most amazed by the uncannily lifelike avatars that even rival Midjourney’s realism.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one image is from a Sora video and the other one is from the movie Underwater.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary.

Trivia Answer: A is Sora and B is from the movie Underwater!

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