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PLUS: 57% of authors found ChatGPT-4 helpful for reviewing papers.

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • AI is great for editing videos but falls short in creating them.

  • 57% of research paper authors found GPT-4 helpful as a reviewer.

  • You can now use Mistral (open-source ChatGPT rival) on Poe.

  • Mustafa Suleyman & Yuval Noah Harari debate the AI revolution.

AI Is Good For Editing Videos, Not Creating Them From Scratch.

Day 1 gave us text-to-text (thx, ChatGPT). Day 2, brought text-to-code (hi, GitHub Copilot). Day 3, ushered in text-to-image (kudos, Midjourney).

And Day 4 introduced text-to-video, right? Right??


The dream of cooking up production-quality videos from text descriptions hasn’t materialized yet.

Creating videos from just text is hard, unlike with images. You see, videos are temporal—they need a sequence of frames that makes sense over time.

So far, most demos of text-to-video land in the cool-but-not-practical bucket, much like the early DALL-E. Sure, there are new demos and research, but they’re not exactly giving Hollywood night sweats like ChatGPT.


AI for video editing has become pretty darn useful. RunwayML is known for its text-to-video, but its lesser-known features let you do stuff like:

  • remove backgrounds.

  • blur faces.

  • generate subtitles.

Descript is similar (we actually it to polish our Intro To ChatGPT course). OH, and OpusClip is a sleek tool for converting those long vids into bite-sized TikTok gems.


This AI Can Help Automate The Creative Stuff You Hate Doing.

Yo creative teams. 👋

Think about your favorite creative coworker. Duh, it’s Pete for me.

Paige by Air (think Dropbox & Apple Photos have a baby) does everything your fav creative assistant excels at …

  • tagging photos.

  • finding photos.

  • cropping photos.

… all in seconds using AI.

It automates all your routine marketing chores, freeing you to concentrate on what really matters: being creative.

There are only 10 spots left on their waitlist … stop wasting time and get your Marketing team creating with Paige by Air.

ChatGPT-4 Is A Good Peer Reviewer.

So there were these 3,096 research papers from Nature…


So there were these 3,096 research papers that ChatGPT-4 peer-reviewed. And 57% of the authors actually found GPT-4's commentary useful.

And yeah, there are pros/cons to ChatGPT-4’s feedback:

  • Pros: fast, offers new perspectives, & finds small errors.

  • Cons: generic advice and lacks depth.

So it’s a pretty solid option for a second pair of eyes. And this doesn’t just apply to PhD nerds. All of us can use ChatGPT-4 to boost our writing.

Just hit ⌘C and ⌘P with this prompt the next time you write something!

"I'm working on an article/essay about [topic]. The main points I want to get across are:

- [Key point 1]

- [Key point 2]

- [Key point 2]

Please read the attached draft and provide constructive feedback to help improve my writing. Focus your comments on:

- How well my main points come across.

- Areas that need better explanation or evidence.

- Suggestions for improving the flow and organization.

- Any passages that are confusing or include errors.

- Ways I could make the writing more engaging for readers.

Provide feedback in list format as if you were an editor or writing tutor. Be specific and aim your comments at helping me strengthen the draft. Do not simply edit or rewrite it directly."

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  • 10 investors on the current landscape of AI and what to expect beyond ChatGPT.

  • DALL-E 3: How to use it, use cases, and app ideas.

  • Mistral 7B (open-source ChatGPT competitor) is now available on Poe.

  • Meta is paying some influencers millions of dollars to use them for personality chatbots.

Intelligent Insights.

  • Meta, OpenAI square off over open-source AI (link).

  • What is ChatGPT doing … and why does it work by Stephen Wolfram (link).

  • Hallucinating Machines (link).

  • Mustafa Suleyman & Yuval Noah Harari: What does the AI revolution mean for our future? (link).

DM us good finds and we’ll toss ‘em in here!

Friday Faculty.

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  2. Senior Manager - Social Media @ Stability AI.

  3. 34 AI positions @ Canva (many in Australia!).

  4. 40+ open roles @ Anthropic (all areas).

  5. AI Engineer @ Notion (SF).

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