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Today, we're diving into how AI could totally revamp Siri, or as we love to call it, Sir-what-did-you-say?!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Apple's latest AI research might enable Siri to "see" your screen.

  • Perplexity is exploring ad placements in search results.

  • ChatGPT is now accessible to everyone, no account needed.

  • We share THE BEST ChatGPT resource out there.

Apple's research nudges us toward a 'God-like' Siri.

Apple dropped some fresh AI research yesterday, dubbed ReALM: Reference Resolution As Language Modeling.

Uhhh, talk about jargon city!

In layman’s terms, ReALM could help an AI assistant like Siri see what’s on your phone screen—like the app you're in, the text on the screen, etc.—to better assist you.

Here's what this would look like in action:

User: “Hey Siri, find me all the clothing sales going on.”

*Siri displays a list on your screen.

User: "Are they open right now?"

*Siri (using ReALM) would look at:

1. The list of shops and their details on your screen.

2. The previous request for clothing sales, providing context for "they".

3. The current time (say, 6:30 PM on a weekday).

*Siri says “Macy's and Gap are open until 9 PM, but Nordstrom closes at 7 PM."

User: "Call them.”

*Siri (using ReALM) would look at:

1. The displayed list of stores and their contact numbers.

2. The conversation history about store hours, narrowing "them" to Macy's and Gap.

3. Your preferences or prior actions (if known) to clear up who "them" refers to.

Why it matters: Apple has been teasing this sort of “hands-free” AI assistant for a while, and we might just see some significant Siri updates at Apple’s upcoming developer conference in June.

While we wait, this news got us thinking about other potential uses for ReALM tech:

  • Retailers could use ReALM-like systems to guide users to relevant products based on what they are currently viewing.

  • In customer support, ReALM could enable bots to walk users through on-screen instructions, like navigating an app.

  • For accessibility, ReALM's ability to translate screen content to plain text could help visually impaired users navigate apps and websites.


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Around the Horn.

  • OpenAI is reportedly considering training GPT-5 on YouTube videos as high-quality training data becomes increasingly hard to find.

  • Perplexity is exploring ad placements in its search results.

  • The # of AI transactions from enterprises has surged 600% from April ‘23 to January ‘24.

Treats To Try.

Circle to Search

  1. Circle to Search: This Chrome extension allows you to Google anything you circle on your screen.

  2. Rewind: this AI tool can retrieve anything previously displayed on your computer screen (coming to Windows soon!).

  3. CodeRabbit: Cut code review time & bugs in half.

  4. Object Detection API: Highly accurate API for identifying objects.

  5. Lead Gen AI Sheet: AI tool for startups to find leads, gather contacts, and send mass emails directly from a spreadsheet.

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  • A.G. chose Boo 👎: “We are not there, yet.”

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