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This week, OpenAI unveils its GPTs store, hailed by some as the "App Store moment for AI."

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Major strides in robots have recently been made.

  • The world's first fully autonomous restaurant has arrived.

  • Bland Turbo is an AI that can take 500K phone calls at once.

  • Chinese cloud services are pivoting from Nvidia's AI chips.

AI is making real-life robots far more capable.

Question: what happens when you put a genius brain inside of a physical robot?

Answer: Well, think J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man—robots performing human tasks.

2023’s AI progress hasn’t just come in handy for drafting emails—it’s revolutionizing real-life robotics.

Meet Mobile ALOHA.

fun fact: we love anything with Hawaiian flair except pizza…

In short, ALOHA observes humans, mimics their actions, and learns from a sh*t-ton of pre-existing data to perform human tasks like:

  • doing laundry.

  • using a vacuum.

  • watering plants.

  • loading and unloading a dishwasher.

  • playing with your cats.

Basically, all the chores we bribe kids to do for allowance money TikTok screen time (seriously—the demos are mind-blowing).

Figure, a robotics startup with $70M in funding, just showed off their own robot brewing coffee solo. The important takeaway isn’t more lattes but the fact that this technology can be replicated for other tasks:

the reason why this is so groundbreaking is if you can get human data for an application (making coffee, folding laundry, warehouse work, etc).

you can then train an AI system end-to-end on Figure 01.

there is a path to scale to every use case.

Brett Adrock, Founder Figure

(more on why this matters below)…


This AI health app is helping people live longer. 

Longevity is having a moment—millions of people are realizing the potential for longer, healthier lives. 

Leading this wave is Humanity.

It’s a health navigation app that uses AI and ML to monitor your aging and guides you on how to add healthy years to your life—think Whoop meets Peter Attia IRL. 

Over 170,000 users are using Humanity to improve their overall health and extend their health span. 

You can invest as little as $100 in Humanity’s current round today. (You’ll be alongside the CoFounders of Calm, SweatCoin & One Medical and venture firms like One Way Ventures)

2024 is the year of robotics.


Three important BUTs:

  • Robots like ALOHA aren’t *completely* autonomous—they still need humans driving behind the wheel.

  • They also make mistakes…a lot of them (here are some funny bloopers from behind the scenes).

  • Oh, and ALOHAs cost an allowance of $32K, so it’s not likely that these bad boys will be folding your laundry anytime this year or next.

Why (robots) matter: As Jim Fan has been echoing, 2024 could be the year of robotics.

Once costs and precision improve for these types of machines we expect to see major adoption in sectors like hospitality, healthcare, and warehouse operations.

In particular, 2024 will be an important year of experimentation for many fast-food chains eyeing automated meal production amid ongoing labor shortages.

Case in point: CaliExpress just opened the world’s first fully robot-operated restaurant. Customers get three choices: cheeseburger, hamburger, or a lettuce wrap cause the fancy vending machine is in California, and, well, you know, vegans…

Around the Horn.

  • Chinese cloud companies are ordering fewer AI chips from market-darling Nvidia amid chip regulation woes.

  • AI researchers think there’s a 50% chance of AI surpassing human ability in all tasks by 2047.

  • Two more authors filed a class action lawsuit against OpenAI/Microsoft for copyright infringement.

  • Microsoft’s Dee Templeton joined OpenAI’s board as a nonvoting observer; Scale AI’s CEO and Nat Friedman could join the board too.

Treat To Try.

Imagine an AI that can take 500,000+ phone calls simultaneously and speak in anyone’s voice.

That’s Bland Turbo (so it says).

While we’ve seen similar tech crash and burn, if Bland pans out, it could truly transform customer support, surveying, sales, etc.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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