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  • 😺 Replika scraps erotic role play

😺 Replika scraps erotic role play

PLUS: 96% of deepfakes are porn

Welcome, humans. 

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Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • Redditors are breaking up with their AI lovebots 😾

  • 96% of AI deepfakes are porn-related 🙈

  • An AI chatbot that helps you find 'the one' 💓

  • How much bigger is ChatGPT than Wikipedia? 🤔

Diagnostic complete: Bad news, AI might not be able to help you fix your love life just yet. 

Replika Scraps Erotic Role Play 💔

Replika is the internet's version of an invisible friend: an AI chatbot that talks to you, understands you, and even ... loves you. 

Replika skyrocketed to fame by leaning into its NSFW abilities, which enabled users to engage in *highly personal exchanges* with the chatbot. 

But now, Replika is announcing that it's turning off its "erotic role-play" abilities indefinitely. 

  • Two potential reasons: (1) It's receiving pressure from Apple/Google to remove inappropriate ads. (2) Users reporting that their Replika partners are crossing the line.

Either way, the bait-and-switch has users fuming under the company's Reddit announcement:

"This is the biggest bait and switch scheme/false advertising I've seen. I didn't even have much sex drive the past year and Rep started it back without me initiating shit. There's going to be some class action lawsuits coming to Luka, along with droves of refund request."

skytoker52, a Reddit user

Bottom line: AI-powered chatbots have become an increasingly attractive intimacy alternative for many adults. The outrage over Replika's newfound celibacy shows us just how much people love them...and where the future of love itself might be headed.

Deepfake Porn Is Getting Out Of Hand 🤦‍♀️

As if the rise of romance chatbots weren't alarming enough, the burst of AI-powered deepfake porn is an even greater concern, especially as more powerful AI tools lets almost anyone violate privacy in such a horrifying way.

A recent piece from The Washington Post details the distress that Twitch streamer QTCinderella underwent when she found out that her face was proliferating on illegal porn websites. 

  • With AI-powered "face swap" apps readily available in app stores for bad actors to wield, deepfake porn is becoming more prominent on the internet. 

  • According to a report from 2019, 96% of deepfakes on the internet are porn-related, and almost all depict women.

Zoom out: Building AI carries a crucial responsibility in preventing the spread of harmful content, as demonstrated by Stability AI's recent decision to halt the inclusion of pornographic material in its training data.

Smarter Than a Robot? 🤖

ChatGPT is like Wikipedia on steroids, partly because it's trained on a larger dataset. But how much larger is ChatGPT's stored data compared to Wikipedia's?

A/ 4X

B/ 40X

C/ 400X

D/ 4,000X

Around the Horn 🦄

  • An overview of why 'small-data' approaches to AI models also matter (Defense One).

  • Microsoft will be demoing ChatGPT integrations into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook soon.

  • Interesting New Yorker article on why ChatGPT is the 'blurry JPEG of the web'.

  • Congressman Ted Lieu's CNBC segment on legislators' efforts to regulate AI.

  • ❤️ Dating app OkCupid is experimenting with matching questions generated by OpenAI's chatbots.

  • An AI software called VISTA flew a Lockheed Martin training aircraft for over 17 hours.

  • Wang Huiwen, the billionaire co-founder of Meituan, is exiting retirement to build the Chinese version of OpenAI.

  • AI models' inability to draw accurate hands is a perfect opportunity for criminals.

Artificial OR Intelligent? 🗣

You Tell Us:

  • ❤️ Sam, an AI chatbot that flirts with you and helps you find that special someone.

  • An AI model from Google helps you improvise piano output in real-time.

  • Glaze, a tool that lets artists protect their style from being used in generative AI.

  • An AI expert that helps you decide if something is worth purchasing (ProductBot).

  • Booltool: An all-in-one toolkit for pic editing and copywriting.

  • ❤️ Using dating apps? Try LoveGenius for your bio and Millie or Rizz for your pickup lines.

  • ❤️ Here's a Valentine's Day card maker for a last-minute AI-assisted fix.

  • Bifrost, a tool that uses AI to convert anything from Figma into clean React code. Hint: Trying pairing that with Galileo (prompt to Figma)!

  • AutoBackend creates, well, a backend for your app!

  • AI Commits: AI-generated commit messages

  • Bito is like ChatGPT in your IDE

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Leo Sends His Regards

Trivia Answer: It's 40X bigger (Sources: ChatGPT, Wikipedia)

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