😺 Publishers SUE AI Companies

PLUS: The French Revolution x AI.....

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What a weekend for movies! Safe to say AI won't be scripting Oppenheimer anytime soon (its context windows are way too small)!

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Telemarketers and teachers are exposed to AI.

  • Enterprises will first use AI to organize data.

  • Big AI companies make safety pledges in Washington.

  • How you can train ChatGPT on your documents!

Publishers Like NYT Set To Sue AI Companies For Billions 💰


It’s not exactly a secret that AI models are trained on copyrighted data.

Yet, most attempts by authors and artists to get them in trouble have failed. A federal dismissed complaints from artists targeting Midjourney just last week.

But this effort might be different…

According to Semafor, major publishers like The New York Times and Axel Springer are expected to sue AI companies for content theft.

And we can hardly be surprised:

  • AI chatbots make it easy to find information instead of visiting actual websites.

  • And while some media groups have tried to harness AI for content creation, most have failed. Some have failed miserably (cough CNET).

Why it matters: Details on the suit are TBD, but we’re hearing it includes billions of dollars in damages. And it’s so far the largest mainstream effort (by far) to hold AI companies accountable.

Whatever happens will set a huge precedent for how AI companies can use online content and might well be the architect of the internet's future. Stay tuned! 👀


Build And Launch AI Applications With Zero Code 📲 

If you’ve ever thought, “AI could probably help me do ______,” here’s your answer:

MindStudio makes it easy to build and customize AI apps, like chatbots and much more, with absolutely no code.

You can build an app powered by GPT-4 or Claude 2 that gives financial advice or crafts blogs tailored to your writing style

And once you build your app, you can:

  • Share it far and wide with your unique AI link.

  • Blast it out on YouAi’s app store

  • Profit from it if people dig what you’ve built.

Employees Are Quicker To Embrace AI Than Enterprises 🔜

Created using Midjourney!

What do the French Revolution and the state of AI in 2023 have in common?

The power is with the workers.

Indeed, it's the employees who are harnessing AI for their productivity boost, not their corporations. They’re enlisting ChatGPT to write emails and Code Interpreter to create graphs. And remember: most aren’t telling their bosses.

(If you’re not already leveraging AI at work, check out our free ChatGPT training course.)

On the other hand, implementing AI on an enterprise scale is HARD. Most businesses are messes of data and information and AI is prone to errors. A bad combo!

According to JPMorgan, enterprises will likely spend the next few years organizing databases so AI can actually be helpful.

A huge winner in the meantime: consultants, the obvious answer for big companies that have no AI plan. Accenture has already raked in $100 million from AI projects in just four months!

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Stability AI released two models competitive with ChatGPT on HuggingFace.

  • ChatGPT will be rolling out to Android users this week.

  • Here are the safety commitments 7 top AI companies made to the White House this week.

  • How generative, predictive AI might change Wall Street (Toggle CEO on Bloomberg).

  • Advice for companies and managers reluctant to embrace AI at work.

Treat To Try 🍿

“How do I train ChatGPT on my work documents?” — everyone.

There’s no clear answer. We expect Microsoft and Google to ship solutions soon, but here are some workarounds for now.

  1. Upload your documents to LLaMA in ~20 lines of code (tutorial).

  2. privateGPT is 100% private and answers questions about your docs using GPT-4.

See more solutions in this Hacker News thread.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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