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  • 😺 The Pope, Trump, & Elon go viral

😺 The Pope, Trump, & Elon go viral

PLUS: Replika brings back the love

Welcome, humans. 

The phrase, "As an AI language model," is like the new "No offense." We don't need the disclaimer, ChatGPT. Just give it to us straight. 

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • 📸 AI photos of The Pope, Trump, and Elon

  • 🎦 Zoom introduces AI tools into its suite

  • 💄 Replika brings back ERP

  • 🧠 Has AI developed theory of mind?!

AI Deepfake Photos Go Mega-Viral 🎆

What do you get when you give a 31-year-old construction worker shrooms on a Friday afternoon? Mega-viral deepfakes of the Pope, apparently.

Yup, the image above picturing the Pope wearing a drippy Balenciaga puffer isn't real. It was AI-generated using Midjourney, which didn't stop the entire world from buying into it. 

It's not the first of its kind: 

  • AI photos of Donald Trump's fake arrest by the FBI garnered millions of views last week.

  • And just yesterday, a deepfake photo of Elon Musk holding hands with GM CEO Mary Barra went viral. Another girlfriend for Musk was believable, but not the outfit he was wearing.

This week's virality is partly due to Midjourney's latest update, v5, which makes artwork nearly indistinguishable from reality by improving the rendering of hands, a previous limitation. 

These incidents have sparked huge concerns about the potential misuse of hyperrealistic AI photos for spreading mass misinformation. In other words, we're in for a loooooong ride.

Grasping for solutions: Two ideas being pitched: more robust AI-detection tools or (surprise, it's back!) blockchain-based authentication.

Either way, be on the lookout for photographs that seems too crazy to be true!


This startup writes your interview notes for you ✍️

“If I’m looking this way, I’m just taking notes. Don’t mind me.”

It’s a tale as old as time: Interview candidates, spend half your attention typing notes, and forget what they really said.

What if we told you that there’s an AI that takes notes while you interview someone? And when the interview ends, you receive a thorough summary of the entire convo?

That’s Metaview.

It takes notes so you can be present and have the conversation you want to have. No more typing when you should be listening.

Plus, it learns what you like: the more you use it, the more personalized it becomes to your specific style and needs. 

It’s a huge time saver and helps you focus on the human on the other side of the call.

Try Metaview for free - go check it out and let the team know what you think!

Zoom Says Hello To AI 🎦

Zoom is partnering with OpenAI to bring AI into its portal. 

Yesterday, the company introduced a suite of GPT-powered tools that write recaps of meetings and draft responses to your work colleagues. 

The launch arrived with little excitement, partly because the former Covid darling is weeks behind its competitors Slack and Discord in launching AI tools. 

In other words, it's nothing new. The expectation now is that go-to SaaS products include GPT integrations that automate mundane duties like email drafting and meeting summaries.

If Zoom can introduce an AI that automatically mutes everyone who's not talking ... well ... now we're talking.

In the meantime, its prospects look about as promising as its stock chart. 📉

Around the Horn 🦄

  • A NYT article exploring whether or not AI has developed the theory of mind.

  • Apple acquired an AI startup called WaveOne that builds algorithms to compress videos. Sounds like Pied Piper from Silicon Valley!

  • Replika is bringing back erotic roleplay for some users after intense backlash for abruptly eliminating the feature.

  • Nvidia released a research paper showcasing stronger techniques to optimize its chip design.

  • Are you in SF? Come to this massive (nearly 2K signups!) meetup with Hugging Face CEO Clem Delangue.

  • Why outsource to crowdworkers when ChatGPT is better?

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Featured: Flexible, scalable, affordable inference. Get 4x more inferences per dollar with Salad’s Inference Endpoints API. Start generating results in 2 minutes with Salad.

  • Featured: Replix.ai helps you be your best self online. Write snappy tweets and thoughtful LinkedIn posts at a click of a button. Available on all browsers. Powered by GPT-4.

  • Tunal writes promotional marketing emails when you give it your URL or any topic.

  • A cool ChatGPT-powered goal coach for WhatsApp (Quazilla).

  • News GPT claims to be the first entirely AI-generated news platform.

  • Klavier performs a Q&A on any web page or doc you feed it.

  • Numerous.ai: AI for Google Sheets and Excel

  • This YouTuber connected his brain to GPT-4.

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