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PLUS: It's not GPT-5, but it's not nothing...

Welcome, humans.

Last Friday, we asked y'all which verb should replace "we're ChatGPT-ing something". We received hundreds of suggestions—here are our faces:

  • Jeeping (also spelled Geeping, Jyping, etc.).

  • GPT’n.

  • Teed.

  • Chatting with my lil robot friend.

The creativity of this community never ceases to amaze us!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI will announce an upgraded ChatGPT voice assistant today.

  • You might soon make phone calls directly through the new ChatGPT.

  • Apple seems set to integrate ChatGPT tech into its iPhones.

  • Runway’s annual AI Film Festival attracted ~3,000 submissions!

On Saturday’s podcast: OpenAI's NEW Model Spec, Gen Z Loves AI Customer Support, & OpenAI's Media Deals! (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube).

OpenAI is gearing up for a big announcement today.

OpenAI is slated to reveal a major upgrade to ChatGPT today at 1pm. EST. If you’re reading this post-1 p.m., entertain us anyway…

It won’t be GPT-5 or a search engine, despite widespread speculation last week.

What’s coming: The Information’s scoop suggests ChatGPT will get a much stronger voice assistant and improved eyesight for “seeing” objects.

While talking to ChatGPT+ exists today, it’s akin to talking to Siri: slow and error-ridden. A more fluent ChatGPT, whether dubbed GPT-4.5 or something new, is OpenAI saying: going forward, you’ll talk, not type, to ChatGPT more.

In practice, this might mean dictating to GPT while driving or perfoming quick voice searches during meetings.

The killer use case may be customer support. Revealed OpenAI code indicates we might be able to actually take phone calls inside ChatGPT.

Imagine you need a vet appointment for your cat:

  • This revamped ChatGPT could dial the vet, relay your pet's details, and schedule the visit for you.

  • OR, the other way around: ChatGPT could take the call for the veterinarian’s office.

  • OR…BOTH!

Also (probably) coming: ChatGPT embedded into your iPhone. Tech la-la-land has been abuzz with speculation about if/when/how Apple would incorporate AI into its devices.

This weekend, Bloomberg reported that Apple is closing in on a deal with OpenAI to implement ChatGPT in new AI features set for a June 10th reveal.

Does this mean a ChatGPT-powered Siri? IDK. Probably not yet—GPT-4 might be too big for personal devices—but an improved Siri seems imminent.

Why it matters: OpenAI has been teasing some sort of significant ChatGPT upgrade for a while now. A lot of us thought ChatGPT-5 was coming.

So many that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman actually had to temper expectations for today’s reveal.

Still, it’s not nothing. In a recent chat on All-In this weekend, Sam Altman said he envisions the future of AI as an "always available, always great super capable assistant executive agent".

Perhaps a smarter Siri is the first step. TBD…

Around the Horn.

  • Runway’s annual AI Film Festival received ~3,000 submissions—watch the winning films here!

  • Check out Emily Chang’s chat with Google CEO Sundar Pichai about the future of Google and AI.

  • Guide: Create an OpenAI-like AI assistant with Llama-3 deployed locally on your computer (100% free and without internet access).

  • The NYT has spent $1M so far in its lawsuit against OpenAI.

Treats To Try.

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  2. Fathom records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings (ranked #1 on g2!).

  3. Otto is an AI biographer that records your memories and transforms them into published stories!

  4. SABR is an AI climbing coach that visualizes your body and technique for any indoor climbing route.

  5. Smartrazor helps talking head-style YouTubers edit their videos faster.

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