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PLUS: How businesses can hyper-personalize user experiences with AI.

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Carvana cranked out 1.3 million unique customer videos using AI.

  • AI is set to make hyper-personalized content a reality.

  • Zoom announced its revamped, "opt-in" AI assistant.

  • An AI startup that reduces chatbot hallucinations raised $4.9 million.

AI Will Usher In An Era Of Hyper-Personalization.

Carvana created 1.3 million unique customer experiences in 4 hours.

Here’s their playbook (& how you can do the same for your business):

Every Carvana journey is built different. Take Holly, a Minnesotan who bought her 2019 red Chevrolet on National Coffee Day. #goals.

Using text-to-speech and re-voicing AI, Carvana transformed an original audio clip into a tailored animated video about Holly and her red Chevy. Then they replicated this 1.3 million times for every customer.

This conveyed a deep level of customer care, and folks absolutely ate it up!

Why it matters: Thanks to AI's power to take a singular experience—like ads, videos, or articles—and generate infinite iterations, we’re on the brink of an age of ultra-personalization for consumers.

We’re already seeing marketers and salespeople harnessing this to boost conversions.

Take Gan AI, a startup we’ve covered that turns one real video into millions of customized versions. Using Gan, here’s what some brands have done:

  • Zomato localized a commercial by dubbing it into various languages based on the viewer's geographical location.

  • Alliance Group greeted each potential client by name in an introductory outreach video.

  • Samsung rolled out an ad that called out nearby stores relative to the viewer’s location.

You can replicate this success in your own business, but there's a crucial piece of info you must remember (read on)...


Create An AI Version Of Yourself That Is Eternal.

Are you ready to meet your doppelganger?

We’re talkin’ you — complete with your face, voice, and vibe — in digital form.

Introducing Doppl, an AI that creates the most accurate replica of you using your photos, videos, texts, and audio clips.

With Doppl, you're timeless. Your digital doppelganger, aka Doppl, sticks around... indefinitely.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling and absolutely something we want first dibs on.

To Personalize Content, Businesses Need To Know Who They’re Talking To.

Carvana had a secret weapon that made large-scale personalization a breeze: customer data: names, locations, car types, and purchase dates.

Your business needs to know who it’s personalizing for.

For marketing, the landscape is challenging. Apple’s new tracking policies make collecting a user’s location or preferences harder, even though it feels like Alexa is always listening…

But once you’ve scooped up some basic info on your target, let AI step in to make every interaction seem like an exclusive one-on-one chat.

Here are some instant action steps that business operators can implement:

  • Incorporate people's names in video outreach efforts.

  • Generate endless ad copies, each aimed at a unique demographic.

  • Make your organic video and audio content universally accessible, covering all languages and dialects.

  • Send users tailor-made feature recommendations based on their specific use cases.

For more inspiration, highly recommend checking out Gan’s case studies (not an ad, just big fans!).

Around the Horn.

  • A deep dive into OpenAI, its founders, and mission to change everything.

  • Over half of the authors of Meta’s Llama — it’s open-source ChatGPT version — have quit since March due to internal disputes.

  • Zoom’s rebranded “AI companion” answers questions and performs tasks from your meetings.

  • Don't miss this premier AI hackathon for women in Silicon Valley in November!

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. AI21 Labs, which builds AI models and products, raised $155 million.

  2. Speak, an AI language learning platform, raised $16 million.

  3. Voxel, a computer vision AI that helps manage risk, raised $12 million.

  4. Gleen, which helps businesses reduce hallucinations, raised $4.9 million.

  5. BeFake, an social media app with AI-generated photos, raised $3 million.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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