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Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • How early adopters are reacing to Bard and Claude changes.

  • A “Google killer” searches for its own way out.

  • Amazon is bringing ChatGPT-style AI to Echo.

  • A new “text-to-website” tool launching its waitlist.

Report Cards: Bard and Claude ✔️

Class is in session!

Last week, Anthropic expanded their chatbot Claude in a big way and Google pushed Bard to the world.

Since then, people have been digesting the changes.

Winning the last week: Google Bard.

  • Before: Google Bard would give low-quality answers across the board: in conversation, information and code.

  • The change: A new model called PaLM 2. New features to export to Gmail/Docs.

  • After: People are impressed by Bard’s new speed. And the export functions are nice!

  • But: Bard still pales in comparison to GPT-4 when it comes to the creative stuff, like writing a poem with 10 words, each starting with the next letter of the alphabet.

Losing the last week: Anthropic Claude.

  • Inflate: Anthropic expanded Claude’s context window to 75K words, meaning you could dump 300 pages of text into Claude (vs. 3K words for ChatGPT).

  • Investigate: Since then, the community (puzzled by how they were able to do this - either a hack or a major research breakthrough out of nowhere) went searching for the tradeoff.

  • Deflate: They’ve since figured out it’s a “good enough” but not “perfect” approach. When dealing with lots of text, Claude loses a bit of the middle.

  • Still: Doesn’t mean Claude is bad! 75K words is still a big, big win and incredibly useful.

Why it matters: The chatbot landscape is changing fast. ChatGPT used to rule the day. It’s still the leader, but now you have solid reasons to use Bard (speed) and Claude (dealing with lots of text).


Webinar: How GTM leaders are using AI

You may already be familiar with Zapier as one of our top recommended AI plug-ins. However, as the leader of no-code automation, they’re also setting the standard for integrating AI and automation into their own business operations.

The best part? They’re sharing everything they’ve learned in an upcoming webinar.

Next Tuesday (May 23), join a panel of go-to-market leaders from Zapier to learn how they leverage the powerful pairing of AI and Zapier across departments, including marketing, sales, customer success, support, and revenue operations.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to adopt and leverage AI apps across your team

  • Real examples of AI and Zapier use cases

  • Key learnings from initial implementation successes and failures

Can't attend live? Register today, and Zapier will send you a recording after the webinar ends.

Snowflake In Talks To Acquire AI Search Engine Neeva

Data cloud provider Snowflake is in advanced discussions to acquire AI search startup Neeva, according to The Information.

Once upon a time, Neeva wanted to be the “Google Search-killer”:

  • Founded by fmr. SVP of Google ads

  • Valued at $300 million

  • Promised to take ads out of search by charging a subscription

Despite the valiant effort, consumers love free stuff too much (like The Neuron). Also, competing with Google is no small feat.

Nevertheless, Neeva’s underlying tech might be able to help solve a different problem: helping enterprises find information internally.

That’s an attractive area for the data storage and analytics company in Snowflake. Enterprise search startups like Glean have been killing it, from what we’ve heard.

Why it matters: Search is hard. Always was, always will be. Even the founders know it. If Neeva sells, what do You.com and Perplexity.ai do?

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Stability AI released an open-source version of its text-to-image web app StableStudio.

  • Google’s new language model PaLM 2 uses 5x more training data (3.6 trillion tokens) than PaLM 1 did.

  • OpenAI told a data company that works with Washington lobbyists that it isn’t allowed to advertise that it uses ChatGPT for politics.

  • ServiceNow and Nvidia are collaborating to develop custom generative AI models to automate enterprise operations.

  • Amazon is bringing new AI capabilities to its Alexa-powered Echo devices.

  • Google is working on a number of AI projects to support advertisers and YouTube creators with content generation.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Featured: Interested in learning more about AI? Check out Decrypt U’s latest course, “Getting Started with AI.” It covers everything from the history of AI to ChatGPT, and ChainGPT.

  • Dora AI designs high-quality, generative websites from text prompts.

  • Chat with AI models and generate AI artwork on your phone with Nack.

  • Perplexity is a GPT-4-powered search engine that summarizes results and clarifies questions.

  • Pin bot is an extension to privately search your browser history using AI.

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Trivia answer: The left is real, and the right is Midjourney! (creds Reddit).

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