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Can you guess what we’re covering today? Hint: it’s Microsoft world and we’re just living in it. 🏢 

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Copilot AI is being integrated into the Windows 11 operating system.

  • Microsoft is bringing plugins everywhere in 365.

  • Adobe will release Generative Fill in Photoshop later this year.

  • Google launched a tool to help merchants enhance product images.

Microsoft Brings Copilot To Windows 11 🫐 

So far, Microsoft has announced plans to bring its Copilot AI assistance to Edge, Office apps, and GitHub.

Now, it’s integrating Copilot AI directly into its flagship operating system: Windows 11.

And it’s not just a chatbot. Copilot is a fully-fledged agent that can execute sequences of tasks by using file inputs from every corner of your computer (apps, programs, docs, etc). Huge!

Accessed via your sidebar, Copilot enables you to:

  • Perform direct actions on your PC: arrange apps, switch to dark mode, close all of your 100+ tabs, and more.

  • Operate across documents: brainstorm, draft, and rewrite documents, and transfer them through workflows.

  • Get answers for everything, even questions you’d usually prompt a search engine.

Why it matters: Software with native AI capabilities is the future of work, with AI by our side at all times. Microsoft is the first to spearhead this transformation, starting in June.

P.S. For every move from Microsoft, the silence from Apple grows louder. Our eyes are peeled (literally) for any AI-related news from their developer conference in 2 weeks.


Let This AI Grow Your Business For You 👇

Gary Vee wants new business owners to post 100 pieces of content a day.

Impossible? Not if LoopGenius has anything to say about it.

LoopGenius is an AI-powered marketing engine that helps you acquire your first 100 customers as fast as Gary Vee talks. Here’s how it works:

  • Go from business idea to landing page in 30 seconds.

  • Get connected with micro-influencers in your industry.

  • Collect emails, and you’re off to the races!

LoopGenius lets you skip the headaches of figuring out social media yourself and opt for a comprehensive approach to launching and scaling your business.

Plus, it’s free to use. Sign up for LoopGenius, your personal business guru that actually delivers results!

Microsoft 365 Is Getting Plugins Everywhere 🔌 

If Copilot is like a final dish, plugins are its ingredients: they retrieve real-time info, business data, and access files to help Copilot be useful and tasty!

So far, ChatGPT introduced hundreds of plugins. Then Bing followed suit.

Now, Microsoft is bringing plugins everywhere, all at once. That includes:

  • ChatGPT

  • Bing Chat

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Windows Copilot

  • Dynamics 365 Copilot

This is huge news for developers, who can build once and get in front of Microsoft users no matter which Copilot they use most.

Microsoft is also connecting existing extensions for Microsoft Teams and Power Platform to the Copilots, meaning thousands of plugins are coming soon.

Early access customers will win access in the coming weeks.

Why it matters: Microsoft is flexing its ecosystem. Just like Apple uses blue text messages to keep you on Apple devices, Microsoft wants to make Copilots the reason you use its products everywhere. We’ll see in a few years if it’s working.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Spotify is working on AI technology to create ads in a podcast host's voice.

  • Microsoft launched Azure AI Studio, a service that lets users combine existing models like ChatGPT to build custom chatbots on private data

  • Google is experimenting with placing Search and Shopping ads in its new AI search engine.

  • Adobe announced the beta launch of Generative Fill, an AI tool in Photoshop that’s built on Adobe Firefly. (It works really well!)

  • Bill Gates perceives autonomous personal agents as a significant opportunity.

  • OpenAI has designated Bing as ChatGPT's default search engine.

  • Google launched Product Studio, a tool to aid merchants in customizing product images with genAI.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Featured: Ogimi is an AI-powered personal meditation coach that makes meditation easy with customized sessions just for you. Try for 50% off 3-months today!

  • Get Product is an AI assistant that helps you discover exactly what products to buy.

  • Sapient AI combines contextual insights, code intelligence, and generative AI to automate software testing

  • Kaiber is an AI-powered video and content generation tool for creators.

  • Dify is an open-source platform for operating AI-native apps build from GPT-4.

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Wednesday Wirings 💸

After a slow Q1 in AI startup funding, money is zipping around quicker than a cat chases a mouse.

  1. Anthropic closed its $450 million Series C with investors such as Spark Capital, Google, and Salesforce Ventures.

  2. Builder, a London-based AI-powered composable software company, raised a $250 million Series D.

  3. Course5 Intelligence snagged $55 million to bolster its investments in deep learning, computer vision, and genAI.

  4. AI chip manufacturer Axelera AI raised $50 million to develop hardware and software solutions for Edge computing.

  5. Union, a service for enterprises to deploy AI and data products at scale, raised a $19.1 million Series A.

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