😺 Microsoft Office unleashes AI

PLUS: Baidu flunks

Welcome, humans. 

Maybe banks won't fail if they're run by AI. I mean, bankers are already half robot anyways, right?!

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • Microsoft releases Copilot for Office 365 🚀

  • Baidu's chatbot flops 🤕

  • Elon gets mad ... again 🤬

  • Being a kid in the AI era 🧒

Clippy's Back for Round Two 📎

Microsoft is releasing Copilot, a modern AI assistant, to all your Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. If you're one of their 400 million users, your job is about to get way easier (or not exist).

Copilot is like any good assistant: it retrieves data and context across the entire work suite and outputs immediate suggestions and insights. Here's where you'll find it:

  • Drafting Word documents.

  • Prepping team meetings.

  • Taking meeting notes.

  • Making Powerpoints.

  • Analyzing data for you.

...all by typing out what you want it to do instead of endless clicking.

The real kickers:

  • Copilot can reference any document. It's not "write a press release" anymore; it's "write a press release about [this product we're working on]".

  • The main "Business Chat" allows you to do all of the above from a single chat box. Now, your work starts with asking the Copilot, not opening Excel.

Why it matters: Many ChatGPT users say, "I can't use it for work because there's just too much it needs to know about my business." Microsoft is the perfect player to make AI happen with all your business context. AI at work starts today.

Plus: This, along with Google's similar launch (but without the kickers) earlier this week, just killed literally hundreds of teams making "AI for slides" or "GPT in Excel." Distribution matters. A lot.

Will the winners of AI just be Google and Microsoft? We sure hope not.


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Baidu's Chatbot Ernie Disappoints 📉 

Ernie just struck out ... again.

Baidu, China's largest search engine, rushed to get its ChatGPT competitor Ernie launched, and the cut corners showed. Its stock fell as much as 10% on the news. 

China is determined to build its own tech, but we wonder about the extent of this ambition in light of ChatGPT's capabilities. 

While Baidu's CEO Robin Li maintained Ernie is "advancing very fast," the company still finds itself years behind OpenAI in training its models, according to one employee. 

Will Chinese tech companies be forced to start building on top of GPT like everyone else?

Bottom line: Only time will, but time is running out. That's two strikes for Baidu. One more, and you're out!

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Elon Musk further advertised his anger over how OpenAI, which he donated $100 million to, became a $30 billion for-profit.

  • Here's what it might be like for kids to grow up in the AI era (Bloomberg).

  • Why the EU's AI Act legislation might hinder AI innovation (and send startups to the US).

  • US Copyright Office has new rules on AI. TL;DR: simply prompting an AI model can't qualify for a copyright.

  • GPT-4's image capabilities got leaked on Discord. Here's what people found.

  • Someone already made a jailbreak for GPT-4?

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Sidekick is an AI support bot that keeps your Slack docs updated with AI.

  • Operand is an up-to-date ChatGPT-powered bot that you can text for answers.

  • Chatbot UI Pro, an open-source ChatGPT clone that can run locally.

  • Bing Chat is now available to all users, no waitlist.

  • Quora announced that its chatbot app Poe, which includes ChatGPT-4 and Claude+ models, is adding a Q&A subscription tier.

  • The Infinite Arcade: unlimited AI-generated arcade games, powered by GPT-4.

  • Locofy.ai: Turn designs into front-end code using AI.

  • YouTube Summary with ChatGPT: Summarize videos in a click.

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