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  • 😺 Meta creates ChatGPT for audio

😺 Meta creates ChatGPT for audio

PLUS: what Uber, Tinder, and Instacart have in common 🚞

Welcome, humans.

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Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Meta released AudioCraft, its text-to-audio tool.

  • Uber, Doordash, & Tinder want to put AI in their apps.

  • Medium wants all AI content to be flagged.

  • AI outperformed 2/3 of radiologists in a study.

Meta Open-Sources Audiocraft, It’s Text-To-Audio Tool 🎶

AudioCraft is like ChatGPT but for audio: generate any type of sound imaginable.

Meta just open-sourced the entire damn thing (read: it’s now available for me and you). Here is what’s possible

  1. create any type of music, melody, or soundtrack.

  2. create any sound effect or noise.

  3. break down any sound into its smaller pieces.

Hands down the best AI model for audio (sorry, Goog).

So what’s the big deal?

First, music changes in a big way. Anyone can customize a song, composition, or melody simply by describing it. Try this formula: “a [type of music] track with [type of instrument] at [#] BPM in the style of [musician’s] [specific melody/song].”

Second, it becomes wayyyy easier to create sound effects for things like:

  • films.

  • games.

  • podcasts.

  • video content.

  • ad jingles. I’m lovin’ it!

Why it matters: Meta delivered, and they did it with grace: every second of the 20,000 hours of music used to train AudioCraft has been licensed. Spect.

We’re about to see some truly innovative projects and products built on top of AudioCraft. Here’s the code if you’re a builder. Share your creations with us!


Your Secret Weapon for Side Hustle Success

We discovered a hidden tool that makes building businesses on the internet easier. Want some intel?

Meet LoopGenius. It’s quite genius, literally.

Everyone has that “light bulb” business idea. Ours was a newsletter. Revolutionary, right?!

In just 30 seconds … LoopGenius can create…

  • 🚀 Fast Landing Page: Turn ideas into reality in 30 secs

  • 🎯 Tailored Loops: Master Twitter, LinkedIn & more

  • 💡 Micro-Influencer Magic: Expand your reach seamlessly

  • ✍️ AI-Assisted Content: They write, you press "send"

…all using AI.

LoopGenius knows costs are tight, which is why their platform is free.

If you're aiming for financial freedom and a thriving side hustle, LoopGenius might just be your secret weapon. Save hours by trying LoopGenius for free today.

Every Tech Company Wants To Become An AI Company 🏍

Every tech company is eager to infuse its products with AI.

First it was Instacart, which unveiled an AI search tool for food shopping. Soon after, Snap rolled up “My AI”.

Now, the AI fever is catching everyone:

  • DoorDash is building a chatbot to help people order food.

  • Tinder is testing an AI feature that cherry-picks users’ “top” photos.

  • Meta is preparing chatbots for social media engagement.

  • Uber is working on a chatbot for its mobile app.

Why it matters: Every tech company wants to be an AI company to stay ahead of the curve. But AI is only useful if it enhances the user experience.

We’ll see which of these hits the bullseye and which will miss the mark. Let’s just hope this bandwagon doesn’t morph into a web3 2.0 saga. Our wallets will thank us.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Medium, the blogging platform, is requiring all AI content to be flagged.

  • AI outperformed 2/3 of radiologists, but radiologists' diagnoses did not improve when using AI, according to a study.

  • Check out this practical AI crash course for teachers and students released by Wharton.

  • Instagram is working on new features to disclose when content is AI-generated.

Treats To Try 🍿

We love Andrew Huberman (who doesn’t?), but some of his podcasts run long. Like, 3+ hours long.

With Glasps’s YouTube summarizer, we can distill any video down to its key insights.

Glasp now supports Claude, which means it can summarize lengthy videos and up to 75,000 words of text!

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Thursday Trivia 🥇

Planes stink: loud babies, smelly seatmates, and negative leg room.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one is AI and one is real.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary 😻

Trivia Answer: A is AI and B is real!

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