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  • 😺 Media giants unite (except one)

😺 Media giants unite (except one)

PLUS: Are Microsoft and OpenAI friends or foes?

Welcome, humans.

Who are we betting on in the Zuck/Elon cage fight? Zuck.

He’s like ChatGPT: youthful, swift, & robotic. Meanwhile, Elon resembles (the old) Bing: antiquated, vulnerable, and you can never be certain if what he’s saying is true. 😆

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • The NYT is prohibiting the training of AI models on its content.

  • Microsoft is offering ChatGPT in private mode through Azure.

  • OpenAI is NOT on track to face bankruptcy by 2024.

  • Amazon is adding AI-generated summaries for product reviews.

Publishers Are Trying To Protect Their Content From AI.

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When no one was watching, AI consumed the entire internet.

Naturally, the creators of the internet’s content are panicking. More traffic to chatbots = less traffic for them = less $$$.

So what are their options?

1. Band together and sue. A coalition of publishers, among them Axel Springer, News Corp, & IAC, is seeking billions in damages from tech companies.

2. Negotiate compensation. The NYT stepped away from this coalition, sparking speculation that they might pursue an independent agreement with Big Tech, similar to AP News' move last month.

3. Make it illegal. The NYT has refreshed its Terms of Service to warn against data scraping. In other words, steer clear or else…

4. Paywall your content. This can prevent AI from accessing content, but it also means fewer overall views.

5. Block your content. OpenAI shared code you can add to your site to stop its web scraper from accessing your information.

Why it matters: To be honest, most of the damage is done. Now the questions are:

a) Will publishers sue and snag compensated? Maybe, but it may be limited to bigger names.

b) Can publishers safeguard newly published content? Also a maybe. We recommend starting with option #5.


Compete With The Top Businesses On AI.

Can we let you in on a little secret?

The top 1% of businesses are already using AI to gain a competitive advantage. It’s because they’re blessed with resources you lack:

  1. Machine learning experts.

  2. Vast repositories of structured data.

  3. Infrastructure to deploy AI models.

Graft’s modern AI platform levels the playing field, making AI within reach for any business.

You can build AI solutions on top of your business’s data with foundational models from OpenAI and Cohere in a few clicks.

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You Can Use ChatGPT In Microsoft Azure To Keep Your Data Private.

75% of IT execs are implementing or contemplating banning ChatGPT or similar AI applications at work.

The #1 reason: they don’t want AI leaking their data OR using it to train their models.

If that’s you, hit up your IT team, because there’s now a ChatGPT inside Microsoft Azure. This means:

  • you retain complete control over your data.

  • you can pair ChatGPT with your internal data sources, like using ChatGPT to craft marketing content based on insights from previous campaigns.

Why it matters: Intriguingly, OpenAI is gearing up to launch its own enterprise version of ChatGPT, promising full data privacy. So essentially the exact same thing.

Weird, isn't it? Microsoft, a funder of OpenAI, appears to be releasing a competitive product. Friends or foes? No one knows…

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Amazon will start to provide AI-generated review summaries of products.

  • Jobs related to AI have soared this year but are still low compared to regular engineering roles.

  • Debunking the myth that OpenAI will be bankrupt by 2024.

  • Anthropic banks another $100 million via South Korean telecom SK Telecom.

  • A 13-prompt sequence for anyone doing B2B outbound sales emails.

Treats To Try 🍿

Nvidia released an AI model called NeVA that can “see” images and respond to questions using GPT-4.

We tested it with the meme from yesterday, and the AI could explain the humor behind the meme. Game recognizes game, indeed.

Experiment with the tool to extract info from presentations, invoices, receipts, images, & more!

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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Right down to the wire. Perhaps an indication that data privacy isn't as concerning to people as we might have thought.

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