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😺 Honest review of ChatGPT Voice Mode

PLUS: A "striking" similarity between ScarJo and ChatGPT

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • We give our honest reaction to ChatGPT Voice Mode.

  • Apple’s upcoming AI-powered Siri will be able to take over your apps.

  • Suno v3.5 now creates full 4-minute songs from your text prompts!

  • Nvidia released even more AI chips.

ChatGPT Voice Mode: impressive, though not flawless.

We've spent the past week playing with ChatGPT Voice Mode, the newest iteration of ChatGPT-4o that you can speak to.

If you haven’t caught a glimpse of what it’s capable of yet, go read our write-up of Voice Mode from when GPT-4o was launched—it certainly feels like a glimpse into the future.

Here’s our honest reaction: It’s the first time we feel like we’re having a true conversation with AI, not a back-and-forth riddled with 3-second pauses and “Sorry, could you say that again?”

The real game-changer is the speed. Ask Voice Mode any question, like “Tell me about neural networks,” and it typically replies in under a second. This is a big improvement.

Here’s when we’ve been using Voice Mode:

  1. When we want to interact with ChatGPT, but prefer to speak over type (e.g. dictating notes, brainstorming sessions, or learning new topics).

  2. When we’d normally use Siri or Google.

For instance, yesterday we had a convo with ChatGPT about the differences between Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Whenever we had additional questions or needed more details, we just hit the 'Tap to Interrupt' button.

Of course, Voice Mode isn't without its quirks.

For every 5ish questions, Voice Mode mishears what we said and then veers off on a tangent. When we asked about aliens, it responded by talking about Alienware instead. Obviously, a computer would prefer talking about Alienware…

It also interrupts (OpenAI really did train it to mimic humans!). Any time we pause to think and formulate our next sentence, ChatGPT often assumes we're finished and begins to respond.

And yes, it hallucinates like the ‘ol ChatGPT. When we inquired about who won a tennis match at Roland Garros on Saturday, it gave the correct winner but quoted the wrong score.

Why it matters: For now, ChatGPT Voice Mode is mostly a fun toy. But as more users get their hands on it, we’ll see it applied in both productive ways and, naturally, ways that make our brains hurt.

Some users with Voice Mode access jumped straight to using it as a substitute boyfriend, and at this point, are we really shocked?

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Around the Horn.

  • Apple’s upcoming Siri update will let you control your iPhone apps with just your voice.

  • AI adoption in at least 1 business function has risen from 33% of companies to 65% in the last year.

  • Nvidia announced new AI chips…AGAIN!

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  3. NOVA-1 from Higgsfield is an AI video generator that lets marketers craft social media content using their brand’s brand assets.

  4. Suno v3.5 can now generate 4-minute songs and additional 2-minute song extensions from your text prompts. Plus, Suno is paying $1M to the top Suno Creators this year!

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