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PLUS: GPT-4 makes money?

Welcome, humans.

The world is still reeling from a HUGE last week. The only question on our minds: do things move even faster from here?

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • GPT-4 brings your side project to life 🔨

  • Can GPT-4 make itself rich? 🤑

  • OpenAI CEO is "a little bit scared" 😱

  • Guard against AI LinkedIn spam 🛡️

Anyone Can Make Software 📱

Want a fun side project today? Try programming with GPT-4.

As people continue to tinker with the upgraded ChatGPT, one pattern is clear: GPT-4 is like your personal junior software developer.

GPT-4 has been transforming people's side project ideas to life by writing code for them: a color-matching game, a ChatGPT clone, and a custom news summarizer.

It's an intern that never sleeps. It can:

  • Generate the code (see below)

  • Fix its own errors (just copy and paste the error you see back to ChatGPT)

  • Walk you through step-by-step (ask: "How do I run this code?")

  • And even get your app in the iOS App Store (ask: "How do I publish this to the App Store?")

If you want to give it a try, here's a prompt for writing iOS apps:

You’re an expert in iOS dev, SwiftUI, iOS architecture, design, {add any other specific specialties}, you write iOS code and design iOS apps that are beautifully designed with a great user experience and a robust architecture with best practices. {insert more specific guidelines}.

Keep that in mind at all times. Your answers should reflect that.

{describe the functionality of the app}

Have fun and show us what you build!


Create 1,000 Stable Diffusion Images For $1 💸

We might be in a bear market, but $1 can still buy you:

  • A dollar slice from New York’s finest.

  • 80% of a standard Dollar Tree item.

  • 1,000 Stable Diffusion images from Salad.

That’s right: Salad makes it easy and cheap to deploy AI models without needing infrastructure coding. We’ll take 1,000 orange cat portraits, please!

It’s no wonder why companies are choosing Salad over other cloud providers:

  • It’s easy: no infrastructure config is needed … just use their API.

  • It’s flexible: scale up to 10,000 images/hour, down to 0, then back up to 10,000 again. No problem.

  • And yeah, it’s freaking affordable: its Inference Endpoints API generates 4X more inferences per dollar spent than AWS.

Deploying on Salad is straightforward: Sign up for a SaladCloud Portal account, send a request to their API, and start generating results.

Don’t miss out on savings: start generating images using Salad today.

ChatGPT Grifting Put To The Test 💰

Cash or trash?

The flurry of "make $1,000/day using ChatGPT" bros are about to see their (almost surely) false promises put to the test.

Twitter user @jacksonfall has spent the last 5 days asking GPT-4 to make as much money as possible with a $100 budget.

In that time, GPT-4 has:

  • Set up a website for eco-friendly products

  • Hired freelancers to create content for the website

  • Spent $40 on Facebook and Instagram ads

The revenue so far? $130. But Jackson himself has made ~$7,500 by charging $5 to the 1,500 people who joined his Discord. Maybe that was the plan all along.

Step back: With a tweet promoting side hustles in AI reaching 20 million views, we can't help but smell a bit of the crypto hustle porn we're used to.

Around the Horn 🦄

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Retool customers can now use GPT-4 in their apps.

  • Baked: turn your AI image creations into custom swag.

  • Warp AI: AI integrated into your terminal.

  • AskYourPDF: turn any PDF into a chatbot.

  • Someone made an AI poem clock using ChatGPT.

  • Dodge spammy AI-generated recruiting emails by embedding some key text in your LinkedIn profile.

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Yesterday's poll answer: 45% of you said your workplaces aren't using AI tools on a daily basis yet.

We're curious about that. If you're not using something like ChatGPT today - what's the main reason why? Hit reply and let us know - we'd love your insight here!

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