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😺 Google Sheets "Help Me Organize"

PLUS: Consultants, AI hiring, YouTube

Welcome, humans.

Since our last email, Russia had an entire coup start and end. The world’s only getting faster, I guess…

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Google Sheets AI is coming.

  • AI consulting is BIG business.

  • ChatGPT is headed to Harvard to teach computer science.

  • New model can recreate you in 3D using just a picture.

Google Sheets’ Impending Update 🔜

Google Sheets is finally getting an update that’ll make us hate spreadsheets a little less.

Google is rolling out Duet AI for Sheets, an assistant that creates spreadsheet templates for you.

Just type in what you want to organize, and Google Sheets will populate the tab with the right column names and formatting for each column. Example: “Agenda for a mini-conference” → time, session name, presenter, location, description, status

It doesn’t do much for the financial modelers among us but is a dream for anyone using the world’s most powerful software to organize things.

Google’s rolling this out for people in their Workspace Labs beta program, so go ahead and toss your name in.

Moving fast: While we haven’t gotten access just yet, we expect it to happen soon. Google got beta releases for “Help me write” in Gmail and Google Docs out a lot quicker than we expected - so we think the Sheets tool will happen soon as well.


Learn How To Unleash Synthetic Data For Your Business 💯

Software developers need excellent production data to build great AI models. But here’s what most orgs do instead:

Randomized data, poor de-identification, or just ignoring data altogether.

The AI teams ahead of the curve have already tapped into synthetic data. You should too. Here’s how:

Attend Gretel’s in-depth workshop on how to use synthetic data effectively. Learn about:

  • Strategic anonymization.

  • Enhanced unit testing.

  • Amplifying small datasets.

Don’t miss out on learning the essential steps if you’re aiming to deploy high-performing AI models in your business, especially since this workshop is happening live tomorrow!

Join Gretel June 27th at 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm GMT. Secure your spot now and let your team members know!

Consultants Rake It In 💸

There’s no question that AI will disrupt consulting at some point. But until it happens, consultants are going to make total bank off of AI.

Just ask Accenture, which pulled in $100 million of projects in the last 4 months, or any of the executives opting for consultants as quick-fixers in the AI rush.

For most companies, it’s the only option. The mix of 1) the chaotic pace, 2) time needed to ramp up in-house teams and 3) lack of clarity of where this is all going means a disposable consultant is the only safe way forward.

It’s a trend hitting every part of the economy. Our ears-to-the-ground intelligence is surfacing a metric ton of new AI implementation agencies targeting small-to-medium sized businesses.

Zoom out: People have spent the last 6 months debating who makes money in AI. Confident yes: consulting firms and cloud providers. Still debatable: software startups.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Tech, banks and retail companies are leading the charge in hiring for AI positions.

  • People are loving Midjourney’s new “zoom out” feature.

  • The music industry is expecting AI songs en masse this year.

  • YouTube will use AI to dub videos in over 70 languages.

  • Creators at industry conference VidCon generally see AI as a multipler, not a replacement.

  • Join Google Cloud’s Vertex AI hackathon from July 7-10.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Holler uses AI to analyze customer survey responses.

  • Airfocus AI Assist helps product managers be more productive using AI.

  • Turn long-form content into social media posts using Wanda.

  • Puzzicle turns videos into student lessons.

  • New research can look at a 2D image and recreate a 3D model based on it.

We curated all the tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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