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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Google SGE can now generate images and write drafts.

  • OpenAI is raking in north of $100M monthly.

  • Google still owns 92% of the search market.

  • 57% of VC-backed startups are using OpenAI.

Google’s AI Search Engine Can Create Images + Write Drafts.

Remember back in the day when if you had a question, you would simply, well, just not know the answer?

Then came Google.

But instead of giving you blue links for you to search through, Google is experimenting with SGE, its AI-powered search engine that offers summarized answers directly. Basically ChatGPT connected to the web.

We’ve been using SGE for months. It’s great for the low-hanging fruit like, "What's the deal with Siamese cats?" But in general, it’s sluggish, outdated, and sometimes just flat-out wrong.

Yesterday, Google announced that SGE can now whip up images and even draft text for things like blog posts and emails (similar to Bing).

Why it (doesn’t) matter: These features are nice-to-haves, but ChatGPT does each better. To Google’s credit, we are bullish on SGE as the future user interface of finding information — it just needs a tune-up.

Want another hot take? It doesn’t really matter that SGE isn’t helpful (yet). Google still has a 92% share of the search market, a stat that hasn't budged even as ChatGPT made its splashy entrance. (Bing is still limping along at 3%.)

Plus, “just Google it” just sounds way better than “just ChatGPT it”.


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You could win up to $10,832 just by attending workshops in this “Surv-ai-vor” challenge hosted by Mutiny.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Attend their AI in marketing webinar on 10/24 where you’ll learn from leaders at OpenAI, Writer, and Snowflake.

  2. Tune into 9 free AI masterclasses from HubSpot, Pendo, and MKT1 AI experts.

Rack up points by attending these sessions and nailing assignments—then cash those points in for cold, hard cash.

You learn and earn — a win-win!

How To Get ChatGPT To “Sound” Like You.

“But ChatGPT just doesn’t sound like me!”

Yeah, no…

Chances are, you're not feeding it the proper prompt. We use ChatGPT-4 daily to spit out writing suggestions that sound exactly like us.

Whatever you write frequently — be it blogs, newsletters, or emails — just toss ChatGPT these prompts, and it’ll output writing that really gives off your vibe.

Objective: My company is named [brand name]. Your task is to learn everything there is to learn about [brand name]’s distinctive writing style so that you can emulate it. To guide you, I'll give you samples of our previous writings. When analyzing these samples, focus on:

- Voice and Tone: Is the language formal or casual?

- Mood: What emotions are conveyed?

- Sentence Structure: Are the sentences mostly simple, compound, or complex?

- Transitions: Observe how sentences flow and connect with each other.

- Unique Style: Look for recurring phrases and grammartical patterns.

Here are some of the company’s writing samples:

[paste example 1 here]

[paste example 2 here]

[paste example 3 here]

Task instructions: Use the style cues from the samples to generate new content in the writing style of [brand name]. Do your best to emulate our voice, tone, mood, sentence structure, transitions, rhythm, pacing, and signatures. Below is some context and an outline to guide your writing:


[paste context on writing task here]


By marking examples with we make it clear where the examples start and end.

Oh, and make sure your examples are medium-length and about the same topic!

Around the Horn.

  • OpenAI is making >$100M a month, up 30% from this summer.

  • Google pledged to shield users of its generative AI products from any copyright skirmishes.

  • OpenAI is expected to announce updates at its 11/6 dev conference that could slash API costs (we’ll be there!).

  • 57% of VC-backed startups are using OpenAI products but only spend a median of $80.

  • Users are addicted to Character.ai, spending 2 hours a day(!) chatting to AI.

Intelligent Insights.

  • AI’s $200B Question: GPU capacity is getting overbuilt. Long-term, this is good. Short-term, things could get messy (link).

  • The AI research job market sh*t show (and my experience) (link).

  • LLMs for Dummies (link).

  • FAQs answered on AI detectors, image generators, and policy (link).

  • We’ll call it AI to sell it, machine learning to build it (link).

Friday Faculty.

  1. Founding Growth Marketer @ Class Companion (SF/remote).

  2. Corporate Communications Lead @ Anthropic (SF).

  3. 13 open positions @ ElevenLabs (East Coast).

  4. AI Frontend Engineer @ Replit (SF).

  5. 5 roles @ Rabbit (LA).

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