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PLUS: Groq 90% faster than ChatGPT...WTF?!

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro is revolutionary.

  • Google released Gemma, possibly the best open-source model yet.

  • Groq developed a new way to run chatbots way faster.

  • OpenAI and Google faced some big media hiccups this week…

Google is SO back.

In 2018, a Google engineer wrote: “AI is a serious risk to our business.”

Fast forward to 2023, and this risk became so serious that Google cofounder Sergey Brin left retirement to get back in the game.

As of today, Google is officially TIED with OpenAI as the frontrunner in AI. Yup, we said it.

Its upcoming model Gemini Pro 1.5 (check our coverage here & here) is capable of feats unmatched by any other, such as:

  • reading entire textbooks & answering specific questions (demo).

  • coding with 10 files and an entire codebase.

  • using video as an input.

  • summarizing an entire movie in seconds (demo).

  • spotting two minor mistakes in "The Great Gatsby."

  • finding the most urgent issue in an entire codebase.

This is all thanks to its 1M context window, allowing it to "understand" 700,000 words.

And just yesterday, Google launched two open-source models that rival Mistral 7B (you can try them on Perplexity and build with them here).

Plus, every Google Workspace team now has access to Gemini Ultra, giving them a ChatGPT-4-level model in tools like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.

There was one hiccup, though.

Google got a lot of flak in the media after its image generator had some, well, let’s just say “historical inaccuracies”:

Regardless, Google is in full launch mode, and OpenAI has plenty to respond to—we can't wait to watch this heavyweight clash intensify in the coming months!


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Groq is a treat you should try.

To keep up with AI, we follow the nerds.

And all the nerds right now are talking about this thing called Groq (confusingly similar to Grok, Elon Musk’s AI chatbot).

Groq basically created a new processor (thing that powers ya computer) dubbed an LPU—”Linear Processor Unit”—specifically designed to make AI chatbots run wayyyy faster than, for instance, Nvidia’s GPUs (technical explainer).


TBH, it's a breath of fresh air not having to twiddle our thumbs waiting for ChatGPT-4 to ponder its answers. It currently juggles open-source models like Mixtral and Llama, which are okay-ish in performance.

Check out these side-by-sides from our friend Ruben:

Why this matters: The era of AI responding instantaneously is coming soon. This opens up a bunch of possibilities, like real-time conversational AIs (imagine customer support without the wait).

Around the Horn.

Classic boomers

  • Elon Musk hinted X might join forces with Midjourney for art creation directly on the X platform.

  • ChatGPT began throwing in Spanglish and gibberish into conversations for some folks recently. The bug has since been resolved.

  • Nvidia reported booming revenue and profit yesterday.

  • A startup called “Magic” reportedly made a big technical breakthrough and can also process 3.5M words of text.

  • Microsoft is developing an AI server and partnering with Intel which will produce custom chips for it.

  • Here’s a treat: a (free) database of 43 “AI for work” products.

Thursday Trivia.

Some of the Sora videos we’ve seen on TikTok have us questioning reality, and not in a metaphysical type-of-way.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one of these pups is from a Sora-crafted AI video, and the other's a regular stock photo.

Which is which?

A Cat's Commentary.

Trivia Answer: The left is Sora (see it to believe it) and the right is real.

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