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PLUS: What Sam Altman teased about GPT-5...

Welcome, humans.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) announced that 40% of all jobs could be affected by AI. We’re inclined to believe them, except that economists are the last people we trust with predictions (right next to our buddy who’s a “professional sports gambler”…code for unemployed).

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI is taking steps to make AI safe in election season.

  • Sam Altman spills the beans on the future of ChatGPT.

  • Microsoft Copilot in Office is now publicly available.

  • Artifact, the AI news app, shut down.

Gear up for an AI-fueled election season rollercoaster.

Deeptrace Labs

At The Neuron, we keep it simple during election season:

  • Get to the polls early.

  • Snag a couple of extra “I Voted!” stickers for fridge decor.

  • Don’t ask anyone—especially coworkers—who they voted for.

But 2024? It's a whole new ballgame.

Instead of Russia, Covid-19, or Cambridge Analytics to contend with, business and political leaders alike have focused their attention on AI’s potential to throw a wrench in the electoral works.

In fact, AI-driven misinformation is the #1 biggest risk in 2024 for a bunch of snobby elites at The World Economic Forum (WEF).

But this time, the WEF agenda is onto something.

Anthropic’s latest research showed that it’s possible to train AI models to deceive and dodge today’s safety techniques. So it’s no surprise that AI has already meddled in elections, with deepfakes in audio, video, and images fooling the public.

Messages like a phone call from your “Mom” saying the polls are closed:

So with the Iowa caucuses kicking off our least favorite pastime, the brains behind these technologies are scrambling to put AI on a tighter leash for elections.

In a nutshell, OpenAI is outlawing its AI models for lobbying, impersonation, or political persuasion, while Google is requiring election advertisers to disclose when ads include AI content.

With this in mind, we've got a fresh set of rules for this unique election season:

  • Fact-check or double-check anything election-related you come across online.

  • Treat social media as a hotbed for misinformation.

  • Go vote!


When 41% Of Your Work Day Is Lost To Admin, Use This:

Paying attention?

We’re all too familiar with the headache of monotonous work tasks. Excel. Salesforce. Yawn!

The story is too familiar for sales folks: reviewing customer calls, writing follow-ups, battling with CRMs…a whopping 41% of your day swallowed by non-selling tasks!

At The Neuron, we’ve already automated parts of our sales funnel.

Attention is set to automate the rest. This AI wizard can:

  1. Log crucial data in your CRM.

  2. Write follow-up emails.

  3. Track guidance.

Plus, they feed insights that have pulled in an extra $250k in ARR per rep.

Sam Altman: ChatGPT can still get much better.

Last week, Sam Altman sat down with Bill Gates for a “college dropouts only” convo to dive into the future of AI.

Here’s what Sam hinted is coming next to ChatGPT:

  • Improved reasoning/reliability—i.e. ChatGPT delivering the optimal answer on its first attempt.

  • More customizationA version of ChatGPT tailored to your preferences, seamlessly integrating with external data sources like Gmail.

  • More multimodalityExpect to see ChatGPT incorporating speech, images, and video functionalities.

  • More productivity gains—specifically in education and healthcare!

  • Lower prices. From Sam: "I think we are going to drive the cost of intelligence down to so close to zero that it will be this before-and-after transformation for society."

Around the Horn.

  • Microsoft Copilot in Office is now officially available to all users.

  • OpenAI removed a ban on using its technology for military purposes.

  • OpenAI is chatting with CNN, Fox, and Time about licensing their news content.

  • Artifact, the AI-curated personalized news app created by the former Instagram founders, shut down.

Treat To Try.

MultiON is one of those “AI agents” that handles tedious online tasks for you.

Like, instead of searching for a flight, comparing prices, and skimming past 7 upselling pages, MultiON does all that for you…assuming its demos = reality.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Monday Meme.

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