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  • 😺 Drake's unlikely savior: Google

😺 Drake's unlikely savior: Google

PLUS: Nvidia gets big, bigger, biggest!

Welcome, humans.

Zoom insisting its workers return to the office is like Dropbox recommending actual boxes to store files. 📦

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Google and Universal Music are partnering to help artists get paid.

  • Nvidia’s new AI chip boasts 3x the memory of its predecessor.

  • Spotify’s AI DJ is now available worldwide!

  • AI companies secured massive funding this week.

Big Tech Might Be The Ones To Protect Musicians From AI 🤷


Back in April, we first covered the controversy of AI music when an AI track of Drake & The Weeknd went mega-viral. OGs, you remember this.

Fast forward, and musicians have been clamoring for protection against AI. They haven’t had much success … until now.

Enter Google and Universal Music: They’re joining forces to make sure artists get paid when AI creates new melodies using their voices.

This is a HUGE win for the music world!!!

Artists can now license their voices to companies that want to create new tunes and cash in while they’re at it. A true win-win.

Why it matters: More and more big tech companies are stepping up to protect artists’ original content. Adobe's Firefly exclusively uses licensed artwork. Meta is doing the same for Audiocraft, its "ChatGPT for audio." And now, it's Google's turn.

The partnership is early, but it’s the first legit solution we’ve seen to ensure creators get paid in the era of AI.


Billionaires wanted it, but 54,578 everyday investors got it first… and profited

When incredibly rare and valuable assets come up for sale, it's typically the wealthiest people that end up taking home an amazing investment. But not always…

One platform is taking on the billionaires at their own game, buying up and securitizing some of history’s most prized blue-chip artworks for its investors. In just the last few years, its investors have realized annualized net returns of 17.8%, 21.5%, 35% and more from these opportunities.

It's called Masterworks. Their nearly $1 billion collection includes works by greats like Banksy, Picasso, and Basquiat, all of which are collectively owned by everyday investors. When Masterworks sells a painting – like the 13 it's already sold – investors reap their portion of the net proceeds.

It's easy to get started but offerings can sell out in minutes. However, as a trusted partner, The Neuron readers can skip the waitlist to join with this exclusive link.

See important disclosures at masterworks.com/cd

Nvidia Has A Monopoly On AI Chips … And It’s Only Growing 🌏

Nvidia’s new AI chip, GH200

In 2018, Nvidia made a company-wide bet to go all-in on AI.

They called their shot.

Today, Nvidia owns >80% market share of computer chips tailored for AI applications. Oh, and their stock? It soared by over 200% … since January.

With it, Nvidia just unveiled the GH200, an AI chip that promises 3x more memory than their current best option. Expect to see it on shelves next year.

In layman's terms: Nvidia is on fire, and they're only turning up the heat.

Here are a couple more Nvidia tidbits from yesterday:

  1. Teaming up with Hugging Face to help developers train advanced AI models.

  2. Introducing Workbench, a new platform allowing you to tweak and test AI models right on your desktop.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Anthropic CEO: AI could be at the level of a “generally well-educated human” in 2-3 years. Full interview here.

  • Spotify’s AI-powered DJ is now available globally in English.

  • Stability AI, the AI art generator, released a language model to assist coders called StableCode.

  • A new research paper discovered where language models like GPT-4 and LLaMA fall on the political spectrum.

Wednesday Wirings 💸

Welcome to The California Gold Rush 2.0, where today’s “forty-niners” are tech angels wearing Patagonia vests.

  1. CoreWeave raised $2.3 billion in debt to build specialized GPUs for AI.

  2. Tenstorrent, which builds AI hardware, raised $100 million in a convertible note.

  3. Simon Data raised $54 million for its marketing automation software.

  4. Inworld AI secured $50 million for its platform that generates virtual AI characters.

  5. Tractian, which uses AI to forecast mechanical failures, snagged $45 million.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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